Tearing Sky

AN: Another one of my wacko poems...

The sky had ripped in front of me,
blackness all around.
An old man stood there in the July snow,
and gave me some advice.
He said to live and always be true,
and learn what a simple smile can do,
do what's unthinkable,
think what's undoable,
I guarantee your happiness.
So step in puddles upside down,
and take a step up on a cloud.
Look up at the sky and see the ground,
and learn that a smile is just a frown.
Find your way in the dark of night,
and sing a song with no voice.
Or try and write a story without a pen,
and walk a circle that does end,
Then jump off the world and float with a star,
then show us what the people are.
And instead of ground you'll find its nothing at all,
instead of life it's a free fall.
Don't turn left you'll stray from right,
and go from here to there and back,
Don't worry we'll still be here when you come,
and be the one's whom which you run to.
So follow your dreams,
and imagine the impossible.
And learn that songs are sung without a tune,
and cows really do jump over the moon.
And see the world for what it is.
See people for who they really are.
It won't be strange when you jump down,
or when you take a seat upon a cloud,
or find that left is really right.
And that here is over there,
and when the day is no longer night.
The only thing that would be strange,
is if the world looks at you and smiles.
Then passes you by as if you were...
as normal as the tearing sky.