Yesterdays are just todays

Lost in the moments of tomorrow

Which we so often lose sight of

In moments of dilemma and sorrow

So fill your mind with empty thoughts

Back peddle yourself into your future

Live for these few moments

And hold yourself together with inadequate sutures

And when life deals you a hardship

Worry and pain seem to over shadow

Look forward at what you can make it

And approach it as a succeeding battle

For in life all have found truth

That love is the hardest of them all

Fighting against the tide

And short of the goal many do fall

We focus so hard on the broadened strokes

Of future hurt and pain

Forgetting the detail of our joy

That washed over us like rain

So look back at all the smiles

When this saddened life pulls on you

And remember those loving moments

Where you're lost with nothing else to do