Need the more of it
Fucking trendies
Ruin it for
The rest of us

So numbed to
Cat scratches
Attention! Attention!
I am needy and destitute in soul
I crave your medicinal cabinet
Your purring advances
And all your love

Attention! I need!
Look at my life
Angst blares from my eyes
The girl doesn't love me back
My parents expect too much
I have no friends who pity

Attention! My doktor!
I beg of you, please,
Give me the stitches
To make it so real, so serious
That no one can deny
I'm crazy like
A rhabid rhino with tsetse flies
Forever buzzing in the
Middle of my eye

Attention! Faux-lovers!
I have forced you astray
I have sucked the love
Out of your tongue, with
My mouth that is
A vacuum to suck up
All your dirty fakeness

Attention! Attention!
I crave your dietary attention
Wax and wane me
Binge on my needs
Shove me to lodge in your throat

Aren't I so trendy now?
I got my cat scratches
Like badges on my arms
I've finally got it
Locked me up away
With murmurs of sympathy to the family
And flowing candy and cards
To let them know
They're praying
To their desensitized God
Just for me

Avoid, avoid!
There's a girl here
With scabs on her face
From where she says
She tried to pick away
Her bad parts

Avoid, avoid!
There's a boy
Who's only five-stone
Girls are anorexic
Everyone knows
This man-waif is faking
What a poseur

Avoid, avoid!
The girl with angry eyes
Who gnaws on her wrist
Just to see the blood
Because they took away her razors
And she honestly desires

Avoid, avoid!
The girl with the burnt face
Pyromania led her to
Her wanted disfigurement
She strokes her hair
With self contentment

Avoid, avoid!
The boys who
Shows you his dick
Wants to beat off
In your face and lick it all up
Just to get a kiss

Avoid, avoid!
The sex-maniac
Whose slender fingers promised
She can please the both of you
With just two hands
A penis is overrated
Hands down her pants
Eyes always alight

Avoid, avoid!
The fellow cutter
With whom you sought refuge
Who refuses to talk
Shows her words and emotions
With every inch of her skin
Covered in gashes
Three inches wide

You see, you see
Don't play funny games
With those who are really suffering
It's not trendy, it's not Hott
You mock them with
Your cat scratches
Of attention, attention