My breathes are unsteady, almost trembling. I play nervously with my back pack strap. My hands shake and my finger tips fumble. Roll, unroll; roll, unroll. It gets harder every time. Whether I shake and tremble from anger; only god knows.

Roll, unroll, breathe.

The process gets harder every time. Every time I see your face living gets slightly more difficult. My hearts beats a little louder, but a little less, a little hallowed; until its pounding in my head. Thump, thump. Pound, pound. Louder, louder. I can hear it so clearly in my head.


Blood rushes to my veins.

Squish, Squish.

Drowning out my thoughts. Slowly I bleed the words my mouth cant handle. Slowly my mind poisons my blood with you, slowly I die.

Roll, unroll, write, squish, breathe.