He stood in her yard
As it lightening flashed
Through the sky
He picked up a stone
Threw it at her window

She heard the stone
Over the thunder
She pulled her robe on
And stepped into her shoes
She danced quietly to the front door

She stood on her front porch
And she scanned the yard
Lightening lit it up
And there he was
Soaked to the skin but smiling

She didn't care that she'd get wet to
She didn't care that it was muddy
She did care about him though
And nothing would stop her from running
Right into his arms

Under the rain and under the stars
Beneath the lightening and beneath the thunder
He picked her up and swung her around
And he kissed her, first on the nose
And then on her lips

It was a moment that all they heard
It was the thunder and the rain
But the song playing in their minds
Was heard above it all
And their notes matched perfectly
Love held it's beat