I remember the serenity

I sat under the willow tree

Staring at the mighty glee

Abandoning the misery

A child, yes, that I did see

She pranced around so happily

Dancing beneath the willow tree

Walking right up next to me.

I looked at her confusedly

But she remained so full of glee

Smiling at me happily

Right beneath the willow tree.

Mind at ease and spirit free

The girl danced right next to me

Then fell directly into me

And collapsed beneath the willow tree.

Her face fell right onto me

I stared at her, but felt that she

Had a spirit I could never see

Inside myself, inside of me.

Soon I could begin to see

My spirit beginning to be free

Just as her spirit, just as she

Let herself be so care-free.

Her smiling, still so full of glee

We sat beneath the willow tree

A child young, and teenage me

Together beneath the willow tree.

She fell asleep atop of me

The quiet peace and serenity

I did not wake her, I knew she

Would awaken soon for only me.

When she awoke, I stared and she

At her tired face of glee

Still she smiled and still did she

Rest with me

Beneath the willow tree.