What thought is conveyed so simply as to say the words I love you?
Yet in those simple terms one can change and alter a life so completely.
With so much force and so much emotion held
The most priceless and elusive gift of all
The one thing you have to give and receive in return
As to receive something so much deeper that what you began
And what of love and matters of the heart?
Does belief in them give them a place in life
Or is it like a fragile china piece to sit and admire
Such is a sign so often hung on already shattered hearts.
And such is a sign that is more than not misplaced.
So is there a medium to life and love?
They are such opposites at broad view.
I urge you take a closer look.
Love is the missing piece to everyone's incomplete puzzle.
That puzzle is that of life.
So when something is so simply placed before you,
The answer may very well be just as simple as that.