The vintage jukebox plays in the back
The discs skip
But the sound is clear
Dedicate that song to a life

A life that saw the happiness
Someone who saw the red in apples
Someone who smelled the flowers
Someone who starred at the stars
And actually made wishes on them

Dedicate it to someone who knew how to love
They let it go when it hurt
Someone who spoke sweetly
And cared deeply
They always showed themselves

They danced in the rain
And let the sun burn them
Splashed in the ocean
And played in the snow

Dedicate this slow sweet song
To someone who took life slow
One inch at a time
And always listened to what people had to say
And always told the truth

And let the person sing along
No matter how bad their voice is
Cause they'll enjoy it and laugh
They'll be silly and free
And appreciate you
For dedicating that song for them