Familiar Fears

Beneath the skies you hear my cries,
And echoes, echoes, deeper shaking.
I feared one day it'd end this way,
Falling, falling, never waking,
Ever dropping, never stopping,
Quick, Love, catch me, like before.
You hear me call; you see me fall,
But you don't need me anymore,
And you don't care for my despair,
I'm but a dream, and barely matter.
Your heart, once gold, is frozen cold,
And frozen hearts are apt to shatter.

Old fears awake, when promises break,
Your listless lies awoke them.
Familiar fears bring familiar tears,
And only you can revoke them.
But you, my dear, just feed the fear,
And all the faster make me fall,
While you just smile in sheer denial
You ever were in love at all.
The impact will break me; somebody wake me!
I'm falling below where I started from-
Forever, it seems; for, like all dreams,
It always ends before the end has come.