Look down, Lord

This time I'm comin' home

Comin' home to a life I know I can live

Escapin' what I can't control

Look down, sweet Jesus,

Hold me now,

Protect me against what I cannot escape

Love me when all others have lost hope

And save me from the comin' fight

Free me, Lord, take me

I need to come and walk with Thee

Let me live where I can be my own

And not a slave to these mortal fears

There's so much sorrow 'round this time,

Look down, Lord, look down and see

Been hard times,

And harsh words

And I need Your strength to pull through

Sweet Jesus, Lord

Won't you take me now

I'm drained from the battles,

And weary of fightin' off shadows

Won't you hold me, Lord,

And show me mercy

I've been wand'rin far, and trav'lin long

And I'm takin' a journey to the ends of the Earth

I won't come back, for my time has come,

Please, Lord, let me come home