You attack him for the color of his t-shirt
You attack him for his bright shining eyes
Where has all the goodness gone?
I live in a
Good neighborhood,
Good school
Good reputaition,
Bad news

Bad news for a not so normal me
Bad news for my love,
My best friend,
My worst enemy
And you.
come this end
and let us go back to
the way it used to be.

Racism and Prejudice,
Life and Death decision
Im just as confused as you
But you attack me
For wearing white.

A white t-shirt,
The sign of my
To my habits of the past
The sign of my offering
I'll not hide behind the shadows,
I have shed my mask,
And yet you bruise me up for it
So what now??

My new fling
Just juvenile infatuation
Is in danger now
Must beware you now
Cuz he wore white today too!
Because of you
And I cant help but wonder
what your thinking now!

Why do you think I'm for the new law?
Why do I care what you want?
What we do can't help your past
For gods sake
Were only in
High School

So let down your black feelings,
Shining eyes in anger
My white flag of surrender
Is flying high
I'll help you
Even though I don't care

I wrote this about the new law about immigration, which many of my peers are protesting.