New Eden

By Werelynx

Revolution One

Eve, the Fall of Man, and a Fugitive

"Go on. You want to know, don't you? Go ahead and eat the apple. What's the worst that could happen?" The snake hung from the tree, smothering the woman in words. "Doesn't it look tasty? There's no finer fruit in the garden that this. One bite, and you will have the knowledge–no–the power of God himself!"

"Fine–I'll try it. It does look good, anyway. And I guess I am hungry." Eve plucked a particularly round and ripe-looking apple from the tree, and with more than a little hesitation, took a bite.

"Well? How do you feel?" The snake smiled under its calm appearance.

"Not any different, actually. I think I'll take some to Adam. Maybe he can figure it out." She took another apple from a branch and carried it off through the dense forest. She was less aware of the snake's laughter than she was of the fact that she had just doomed herself and every human to come.

Thousands of years after the fall of man, the human race was still struggling for survival in the harsh reality that was life. It was roughly 2185 A.D. when the first Mod was officially declared operational after a research team in New Zealand successfully tampered and rewrote a human being's genetic signature. It wasn't long before the secrets leaked out to the public, and within a few decades, it had turned into a thriving business.

Millions of people opened their wallets and bank accounts to "mod" themselves and improve their bodies. Many had genetic reconstruction to decrease oxidation in the body, giving them much longer lifespans than the average human being. Some had pieces of machinery integrated into their own body, effectively changing them from a living creature to a living chassis. After several generations of tampering with genetics, many instances of psychic development were recorded and confirmed. It didn't take long for man to realize what he himself had created. Thus, the T.M.E.A. was formed by a band of purist nations that had refused to legalize "modding" within their borders.

The Terra-Mod Extermination Alliance slaved for another two-and-a-half decades to purge the planet of individuals that they considered a new, "tainted" race, the Mods. The entire planet erupted in civil war that raged for years. The ongoing battles between the two factions proved man's inevitable and sickening love for death; Earth itself was scarred beyond repair. And now, the remaining Mods live in hiding or in massive fortresses built for defending survivors. Pure Terrans live in fear of what has been taught to them through government-controlled education and media propaganda; they believe Mods to be savage and mindless monsters. The Mods themselves are merely trying to scratch out an existence while battling for their right to live.

Nobody, least of all the Mods themselves, knew that the Second Fall of Man had occurred when the first Mod was deemed a living being. Like Eve, they knew less that the Earth would soon be engulfed in flame and blood, and there was no hope left for the race once known as Humans.

"Ah, my friggin' head…what'd I do?" Kama rolled over in the pile of garbage that he was buried in. "Friggin' garbage…friggin' foot." He rubbed his boot. "Musta tripped when I was runnin'. Oh, yeah! That was it- tripped on the wall." He looked up the side of the building above him, and, lo and behold, there was a single brick jutting from the wall. "Huh. Why was I running, anyway?" A focused blaster bolt seared past his face as a robot at the end of the alley ordered him to stay still.

"Put your hands behind your head and move up against the wall before I detonate an EMP grenade! Now!" Kama stood up and brushed himself off.

"You want me to put my hands –behind my head? Alright…" He lifted his arms into the air. Half a second later, he wasn't there.

"Where'd you go? Backup, I need backup here! Follow my transmission –ugh!" It looked down and found a blade growing from its stomach. Kama sliced the droid in half, and then retracted the blade back into his arm. With a sonic boom, he kicked in his legs and ran directly into a group of troopers that had rounded the corner.

"Halt! I order you to ha –aargh!" Kama reduced the three robots to small chunks, and then ran on. He made it halfway up the side of a building before the entire structure detonated, launching him through the air.

"What the –hey, that's cheap! C'mon, it's not like I ran you Terrans more than a few grand for those troopers!" A group of human soldiers, backed up by a twelve-foot mobile artillery droid, blocked his way. "Look, I don't wanna hurt you guys," he stammered.

"Open fire!" The captain dropped his hand, and his entire troop pulled their triggers as the artillery unit unloaded its chain gun.

"AAAAGH!" Kama dropped to the ground in a hail of bullets, still dodging fire from the machine guns aimed at him. "What'd I do!?" The captain stood in awe.

"D-did he just dodge…all those bullets?" He screamed as Kama appeared in a cloud of dust.

"No, it was probably a fluke. Even so…" He flicked the captain in the nose.

"Argh! –Kill him!" Kama took off running.

"Hey, bud, thanks for the cash! Sorry about the trouble I caused, I'll pay you back sometime!" The captain checked his pocket.

"He stole my wallet! Get back here, you felon! Kill the mod, now!" He almost tore the mic out of his ear when a transmission blasted through his ear. "What is it, lieutenant!? I'm in the middle of an arrest!"

"But sir, the other mod's gotten away, too. She took out our artillery unit and half the troop!"

"She!? A tank totaled by a woman!? I'll have your stripes, lieutenant!" He ripped the headset in half.

Kama jumped a building, rounded a corner, and, coincidentally, ran head-over-heels into a striking young woman.

"Get off me, you jerk! For chrissake, doesn't anybody have any manners around here? Why, just back there they were shooting at me! Hey, what d'you think you're doing down there!?" She picked him off of her lap and kicked him across the street.

"What are you talking about? I was mindin' my own business until you stepped out into my path! You should apologize, lady!" A soldier peeked out of one of the windows in the building behind them.

"Hey, they're over here! Bring support!" The girl fired a wave of blasts from her index finger, completely obliterating the abandoned building. Well, mostly abandoned.

"Dear god, I'm trying to talk!"

"Doesn't look like that's too hard," Kama muttered.

"What was that? I don't think you're striking the proper tone, mister! Someone oughta teach you a few things about how to treat a lady!

"Lady, my butt! You and your effeminate wiles tripped me, you moron!" Their argument was silenced by the bellowing of a megaphone.

"HEY, YOU MODS! WE HAVE TWENTY CHAIN GUNS TRAINED ON THE TWO OF YOU! STAND DOWN AT ONCE!" The captain leaned over as his lieutenant whispered something. Unfortunately, he forgot to pull his finger off of the megaphone's trigger.

"CAPTAIN, DID WE BRING TWENTY CHAIN GUNS? I THOUGHT WE ONLY BROUGHT TWO." Kama and the girl watched the soldiers bicker.

"YOU IDIOT! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO USE CUNNING DECEPTION TO APPREHEND THE FUGITIVES? GO STAND OVER THERE AND PEEL POTATOES!" He cleared his throat. "NOW, WHERE WERE WE?" He saw the bolt of energy flying at him too late. It annihilated the perch he had taken cover on, sending him plummeting to the ground under a rain of debris. "Lieutenant! Dig me out of here immediately! That's an order!" By the time his subordinate actually dug him out, the Mods were long gone. The captain beat his lieutenant with the megaphone.

"Leggo of my jacket, you rapist! I'm trying to run!" Kama was having trouble getting rid of his recent acquaintance.

"No! You can run faster than me, so I'm borrowing a ride! I'll pay you back!" She was clinging onto his shoulders, both legs wrapped around his stomach. Once Kama figured that they were a safe distance away, he grabbed her and pried her off of his back.

"Geez, lady, you've got a grip!" He stretched and pulled the cricks out of his spine. "So what do they call you, short stuff? You got a name under all that blistering criticism?" She popped her left hand off, tinkered with the wiring inside, and stuck it back on.

"Kokoro Enoki. And you're not three inches taller than me, you hypocrite!" She threw a rock at his head. "And what's your name, you perverted degenerate?"

"Ah, it's different depending on where I am, but I guess that around here I'm Hikari Kama. Say, what were you doing in a place like that, short stuff? Didn't seem like a good place to hang around in to me, anyway." Enoki stood up and huffed.

"It's none of your business, perv. Besides, I don't figure you'd tell me what you were doing there." Kama dropped a couple of pebbles from his boot.

"I dunno. I woke up there this morning. I guess I was running from something." After making sure his leg joints were okay, he got ready to take off. "Well, it's been a blast, but I've gotta go. And if there is a God, and he hates me, maybe we'll meet again. Ciao." Enoki grabbed him by his hair.

"What, you're just gonna leave me here? After all we've been through, you're going to dump me in the desert?" He groaned.

"I've known you for all of ten minutes, shorty. Besides, I don't owe you anything. If you need a ride home, ask the troopers back there. I'm sure they'll be happy to carpool. Now will you let go of me?" He took off running as fast as he could, leaving a storm of dust behind him as he pounded through the Wastes.

"Look, I know we got off to a rocky start, perv, but I really need a ride! Please?" She was once again clinging to his back like a starving dog.

"Wha-how'd you get back there? I thought I ditched you! Get offa me!"