AN: okay the >>> are there for spacing cuz stupid ffp soesnt accept spacing. so yeah. oh and this poem is decicated to Mrs Entwistle and her daughter Lillian Rose.

May you rest in peace.


Tonight- I coughed up a toad.

Tired, defeated; craning for death.

>>>>>>>>>>>Insensitive- leave the family

>>>>and the school

out of it.

Chains are garlanded around its neck.

So I get out a pallet of paint.



I don't know. I don't know. I. d.o.n.'t k.n.o.w.


Blue, like the ocean of sand.

Always wanted to go to the desert.

Treck- sleep under the stars.

Songs are a no. no.


The child had always been weak.

I'll change because I can.

Show you all.

We can make a cough choir-

Blood- Playing in the dark.

Lights can go on; Watches stuffed with jewellery.

Medicines are pleasant.

switch the light. on. We'll show you all.


Going was grave. So I dug a pit.

Buried my shoe in it.


My fingernails have gone orange.

Can't be nail polish.

Look, right. I'm telling you I'm tired.

So just shut up and go.

Switch on the TV. Sit at h.o.m.e.