So Moses went up to atop that friggen rock

Cause God was calling out for his crazy flock

And he said write down all of my dumb rules

To confuse and confound those stupid fools

I am the one and only ultimate lord

Who freed you cause I was bored

Isn't Egypt a really cool place?

I mean, look at all the space

Worship only me and me alone

Or be sent to the Twilight Zone

I am the one true kickass God

Way better then my brother Todd

Never take my cool name in vain

Failure will bring on loads of pain

So I better not hear any false swears

Or forget me answering those prayers

The Sabbath has got to stay holy

It's when I eat my yummy ravioli

Besides on Sunday I'm in my prime

Hour of worship, then football time

Honour your father and your mother

Even if it is a really annoying bother

So be nice to them and take out the trash

That way, you'll keep getting the cash

Killing is wrong and really really bad

Even though it is the latest trendy fad

So if you think of doing some murder

I'll kill you with my trusty steel girder

No adultery with another person's wife

Even if it will help out your pathetic life

Still, whom am I one to really critique

I break this rule several times a week

I better not see no idiotic stealing

Unless you want to lose all feeling

But, if you have the urge to not buy

Remember to blame the foreign guy

Don't be lying to those guys next door

Even if they complain that you snore

However it's okay to trick thy neighbour

Like getting him to do your manual labour

Also don't be touching any of his cool stuff

Greedy bastards, you already have got enough

So all you do then is look at it and admire

Unless you intentionally start up a nice fire

And so the rules were done and Moses could only groan

After all, he had to chisel those things on a lousy stone

And thus God left and spoke to Moses with a smirk

Make them obey or you'll be the one to pay you jerk