I want to know how much you care. I want to hear your voice speak the words I'm hanging off of. Surviving off of the gentle tone, loving and true. You're everything...everywhere. Yet, of no significance and nowhere to be found. Faith in what we had is the only thing getting me through these times of tension built up so high that tears escape from my eyes. Creating room for joy, but immediately filled with pain. Violently shaking as your name echoes through each thought I have. Curled up with a knife in my hand. Veins trace the path of life. Ending as the pain gets to be too much. Flinch in shock as the spirit of lost love diffuses through the air. Happiness returning with each cut created. Each scar marked. Each tear fallen. No other way of ridding myself of you. Just a temporary distraction, no permanent disconnection. Because with every step forward in life comes a step backwards to when we were together. That would be the memories. Haunting every ounce of my freedom. Blood-cooling shrieks escaping from my vocal chords. Awaking my thoughts. Awaking my mind. Awaking myself. Nightmares mourning my love for you are reality. And reality has become hell.