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Dedicated to: Bryan, because it was written with him in mind, though the thoughts that surrounded the story when it was written were different then than the thoughts as I read it now.

I still remember everything about that day. The way the lighting was, the way the background sounds hummed, and the way she looked, smelled, and sounded. I remember perfectly, as though it were happening right now, the way she was. Her aura, her essence. Her.

It was at camp where I first met her. I was thirteen and she was eleven. I introduced myself and like the gentleman I am, I took her hand gently in my own and placed a gentle peck upon it. I remember that it was soft, smooth, and the most beautiful hand I had ever seen.

The other guys told me I was crazy to like a girl two years my junior, but I didn't pay any attention to them. Afterall, you can't help loving the one you love. They told me that I should go for one of the girls my age, but I dismissed them. I knew that my girl was the only girl who I could ever be with.

Three years passed. I thought of her often and imagined what it would be like if I could ever get the guts to confess my feelings to her. We saw each other fairly often in the years in between. I remember thinking that she had a laugh that was infectious and contagious. Whenever I was down, that laugh of hers would cheer me up like nothing else could. And her eyes...when she smiled, they'd brighten up and twinkle, sparkle, and glow. She was a light in this dark world we live in.

Another two years passed. I was now eighteen and had just finished school. She was sixteen and growing more beautiful with each passing moment. This summer would be our last before I went to college and I knew I had to make my move. It was truly now or never. For five years thoughts of her had tormented my dreams and now I was finally going to act upon them. I was going to profess my love for her. I would be casual, uninhibited, and suave. I would say what I had to say and sweep her off her feet. I would look deep into her big beautiful eyes and tell that no woman on the planet could compare to her.

Camp started and the summer began to fly by. Soon, there was only one week left and I had still not made my move. The guys, who had finally come to terms with the fact that I was in love with a younger woman, began to talk me into it. They gave little pep talks and helped to prepare me for the moment of truth. I had it all planned out so that it would be the most romantic moment of her life. It would top any and all romantic moments in her life so far, and it would never be topped in the future. Well, unless of course I decide to do something truly amazing when I propose one day. The plans were ready. Everything was in its place. At midnight, her friend would wake her up and bring her to the place where romance would be reborn.

I paced the leaves-strewn ground anxiously, my palms sweating and my heart racing. It was eleven fifty-nine. The next minute passed by excrutiatingly slow, and by the time it turned midnight, I was nearly at a loss of my senses. I peeked through the trees and saw a flashlight and two figures approaching me. One was her. After quickly wipng the sweat off of my hands on the seat of my pants, I took my place in the middle of a specially made circle of white roses.

What's going on? I heard her say, when she caught a glimpse of the hundreds of candles that were sitting everywhere. We had placed them on tree branches, logs, and in amongst the roses. Her friend tied a blindfold around her eyes and led her to a chair that was next to where I stood. I nodded to her friend that it was time. Quickly, she ran off behind a bush and hit play on the waiting CD player. Softly, the strains of Come What May began to float from the speakers and into her diamond clad ears. She cocked her head, obviously puzzled. I stepped behind her and gently pulled the blindfold away.

A gasp flew from her mouth when she saw what surrounded her. The roses, candles, and music were a perfect combination. Instantly, that smile that I knew and loved appeared upon her shining face and I knew that she was the one for me. I quietly and quickly stepped out in front of her and offered a shy smile. She looked at me, her eyes questioning what I was doing. Quickly, before I lost the nerve, I told her I loved her. Tears began to slip down from her eyes and onto her rosy cheeks. I wiped the tears from her face and looked deep into her eyes, pleading her to say something. Finally, she told me she loved me too and had since she was eleven and I was thirteen.

Joy filled every ounce of my being and I could not contain my glee. I picked her up, spun her around and hugged her tightly. She returned the hug and we stood together in a warm lovers embrace for the next thirty-two minutes. I know the exact time because they were the best thirty-two minutes of my life.

When the summer ended and we parted ways, promises to write and phone each other were made. Promises to visit at every possible chance. Promises to love each other forever. Now, I'm twenty and in the process of planning an intricate, delicate, and devastatingly romantic proposal for Her.