Broken Freedom

A lone bird flies within the darkening sky,

Sunlight glistening from it's wide spread wings,

Blowing ever so softly in the currents of the wind,

Assisting it as it adjusts its feathers to change direction

To wherever it may decide to go.


Clouds roll in and the wind picks up;

A light rain falls from the heavens to dampen the wings

Of the bird struggling to stay on course as tears of the heavens

Fall faster and with more fury and the wind knocks it about

In the once clear blue sky now blackened by evil looking clouds

Boiling like anger within tiny veins.


Soaked with rain, blown off course the bird plummets to the ground,

Wings battered and torn so it can no longer fly;

Falling faster to an unforgiving ground below.

Filled with panic and a realization of

An end of all things beautiful and true.


Mass of dripping feathers hits the ground with such force

Feathers drift into the sky covered in wet blood of the bird.

Tiny, hollow bones bend and snap as one final cry escapes

From the throat of the once flying bird,

Now nothing more than broken bones and bloody feathers

Upon the unforgiving ground.