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Chapter One: Job

I watch him as I always do around this time of day. He's probably the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He comes in here every day right at one o'clock. He'd order a bagel and black coffee. How do I know this? Well I've been his waiter ever since I started working at this coffee/ bookstore about a year ago. Over these months I've grown the hugest crush on the man. I loved his chin-length curly black hair, his olive skin, and coal black eyes. He was quiet most of the time and even when he talked it was soft enough so no one, but the person next to him could hear. I to tell you the truth I've never heard his voice once. My first day my boss, Mr. Lorendii pointed him out to me. He told me what the man wanted and every time I saw him in the coffee/ bookstore to just give him his order and not to speak or bother him. I thought it was a little strange considering he was the only customer who got that kind of treatment, but I need this job so I did as told no questions asked.

"Bernard," shouted an angry voice I recognized as Mr. Lorendii's. I shot out of my reverie quickly and hurried to see what the problem was.

"Yes sir," I questioned looking at the floor. I always had a problem looking at my boss, because he was well scary. He was a little pudgy, quickly going bald, and with the scar on his left cheek he reminded me of how a murderer might look like.

"The customers are complaining about being kept waiting again," stated Mr. Lorendii in annoyance, "not to mention those boys who keep coming around here."

"I'm sorry sir. I'm doing the best I can," I replied meekly. I really needed to keep this job, it's the only thing that allows me to keep my one room apartment and that's just barely.

"Well you better step it up or I'm going to have to let you go," warned Mr. Lorendii before stomping off to his office. I sighed in relief that he was gone and rushed back to see if there were any new customers. Much to my relief there weren't any new people who needed attending to and everyone seemed content enough so I took a seat behing the counter and rested my head on my arms lazily watching the man again. he'd be leaving soon and I wondered where he went when he left here. I would never know though, because I was stuck here. I groaned inwardly when I heard the bells on the door jingled signaling someone had entered. I got up,but frowned as I saw the people who entered, Dame and his cronies. I really didn't need this right now.

"Well lookie here," cheered Dame in mock surprise, "it looks like we found out own little solo." I got the nickname solo, because I loved to play the violin and I just happened to be found playing one all by myself.Stupid I know.

"Look," I grited out, "I don't need this right now." I left and went to see if one of the customers needed anything. Luck didn't seem to be on my side however and Dame followed.

"What's the matter Solo?Getting stage fright," taunted Dame. I was good at playing the violin when I was alone or even with family members,but I refused to play in front of strangers and everyone just believed i was to scaried to play, but I always thought music to be special and almost sacred and refused to play for people who wouldn't understand it or only criticized it. I ignored him hoping that he'd go away, but instead he grabbed my arm.

"Aren't you going to give us one of your preformances," sneered Dame no longer talking about music, but going somewhere I didn't want to get into.I wondered however how he ever go that kind of idea about me.I jerked my arm trying to get him to let go, but I wasn't getting very far.

"Let go of me," I commanded in a low hopefully dnagerous voice. I jerked my arm again and surprisingly he let go, but I never had good balance and fell right onto a customer. Dame snickered and quickly left the coffee/bookstore. I got up quickly to apologized and came face-to-face with the man I'd been crushing(literally and the fact he had a crush on the man).

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. Did I hurt you? Damage anything? I'll try to replace it...," I rambled nervously.

"Calm down," interupted a deep calming voice, "it was an accident. I saw what happened and everything's fine." I gave a sigh of relief until I heard Mr. Lorendii.

"Berard,"shouted my boss once again angry," my office. Now!". Wow news travels fast in this place or maybe he heard me. I scrambled away from the man a little too quickly and falling before sprinting to Mr. Lorendii's office.

"Yes sir," I questioned quietly cloing the door.

"I tried to ignore what's going on. I know you're a good kid, but I can't have this stuff anymore," explained Mr. Lorendii almost sadly, " I'm going to have to let you go. I'll get you your paycheck.

"I understand," I murmured sadly wondering how I was going to pay for my apartment. I went out and shrugged my coat on before walking out the door and running straight into someone's back.

"Oh. I'm sorry," I apologized once again, "I lost my job and i wasn't paying attention." Right after that I wondered why I just told someone that. It's not like they'd care.

"You really have it out for me don't ya'," joked a familiarly deep voice and I found it to once again be the man I had a huge crush on. I guess I wouldn't be seeing him again either.

"You didn't losr your job because of what happened just a minute ago, did you," implored my crush, "I can explain it to your boss and easily get your job back."

"No," I stated a little melancoly, " It's been happening for awhile and I can't seem to get rid of Dame so it'd do no good."

"An optomistic little thing aren't you," questioned the man laughing.

"I guess you could say that," I answered giving him a small smile, " I'm Bernard by the wasy."

"Sabastin," introduced the man giving me a charming smile, "I'm sure I could find work for you."

"Really," I implored surprised that he would offer a stranger work.

"Do I have a reason to lie,"asked Sabastin raising an eyebrow.

"No," I anwered grinning in relief, "I really appericate your help. i don't know where I'd go if I couldn't afford my apartment."

"No family," inquired Sabastin frowning.

"yes, but they already sent me here from italy to get an education," I explained, "I could hardly ask for anything more than they've already given me."

"So a man of my own country," cheered Sabastin giving me a sly look, "from the north I assume. Ithought i heard an italian accent, but the blonde hair threw me off."

"Yes, my mother comes from France and I seemed to have gotten most of my looks from her," I mentioned smiling fondly at the memory of my mother, "she decided to go and live with my father in Ofanto (city in Southern Italy). They moved to the north when I was about 5 months, we've lived in Piave ever since."

"Well, if you'd come with me we can talk about what kind of work you'd like," stated Sabastin beginning to walk away from my exworkplace. I followed helplessly not know what else i could do. We made so many twists and turns at such I brisk pace I was getting dizzy until we finally walked into a fancy looking building.

"Sabastin," called the secratery behind the front desk, " no un authorized guests. remember?"

"But who am I to deny this young man a chance at a job," questioned Sabastin flashing a charming smile, "you know very well we need the workers." The secratery frowned, but waved us in. We walked past a couple doors and waited for the elecator doors to open in an awkward silence.

"We'll go to my office," explained Sabastin breaking the thick silence, "and I'll explain the jobs and if you feel up to it we can get that all ready and give you your schedule.' I nodded and followed Sabastin out of the elevator. We got into the room and Sabastin sat behind the mahogeny desk. He motioned for me to sit in one of the comfy looking seats in front for the desk and I silently sat.

"Okay. How old are you Bernard," questioned Sabastin getting a business tone.

"I just turned 18 last month," I answered wondering what kind of jobs these people gave you.

"We own a club a few blocks away," mentioned Sabastin frowning at the paper, "that's the only spot we have left and it's probably not up to your standards. I'm sorry I thought we had more." I looked at the floor wondering what I should do. I mean it's not like I have any other options.

"Sabastin, right now I really need a job if the job isn't up to my standards right now that doesn't matter. All I need is the money ," I voiced still looking at the floor. There was a moment of silence then I heard Sabastin sigh.

"We could use another dancer," stated Sabastin rubbing his temple, "I'll call Jessie and he'll take you shopping. You can't go in a club looking like that." I nodded and I waited while he arranged everything with Jessie.

"Bernard? Are you sure about this," questioned Sabastin giving me a pointed look.

"Yeah. I don't know if I can dance that well, but I'll be fine," I murmured giving him a weak smile.

"Well, Jessie should be here any minute now and please just get anything he say, because he'll argue with you all day if he has to, to get you to crack and buy it," explained Sabastin a smile gracing his features.

"You know you should learn to show som manners," joked Jessie walking into the room, "I'm your best dancer pretty much your only one, because the rest can't dance so be nice to me." The man was beautiful and i knew why he was the best dancer. He had thick chesnut hair that occasionally fell into his eyes, dark blue eyes, a small tan, and just enough muscle to know that he stayed fit. Jessie turnede a critical eye to me before turning back to Sabastin.

"Congrats," teased Jessie giving me a seductive smile, "he's cute." I gave Jessie a shy smile, but I'm sure I was turning 50 shades of red.

"Sabastin," exclaimed Jessie giving him a hard look, " you just brought virgin blood into the dancing ring." Sabastin gave us a sheepish smile and waved us away.

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