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"Name?" A gruff voice rumbled from behind the wooden door.

"Obsidian." The dark blue feline replied. He waited impatiently for a few minutes as the doorman check his list. Just as his tail began to twitch, the rasp of metal scraping metal told him the doorman had found his name.

As the door drew open the doorman bowed, "She is in the main room Mr. Curse." He nodded once to the man and walked inside.

The hallway was dark, and the walls covered in pictures. All of them were various furr's either posing, or pleasuring each other. There was no question about what goes on here, not that he minded one bit. As he walked down the long hallway, girls that sat on cushions near side doors watched him. They took in his lean frame, his well muscled chest, partially exposed from his half open tunic with hungry eyes. He shook his head at them a grin playing across his muzzle. Perhaps later. He thought. Quiet a few of the girls pouted as he left them behind.

Pushing open the large double doors leading to the main room, again many eyes fell upon him. This room was darker then the hallway was, being lit mostly by candles. Clad in Purple, with black bands of Obsidian for his namesake around his ankles and wrists, he looked positively sinister in that flickering light. He raised his head to the crowd, violet eyes flicking to each one of the people there. Most turned away the instant his eyes fell on them. A few men nodded, recognizing that look, and the raw presence of the man who had just entered.

But Obsidian wasn't here for the crowd, he was here for her. It didn't take long for him to find his pet, her light pink fur and timid frame knelt by one of the many couches in the room. He walked right past her and claimed one of those couches, settling into its comfortably soft embrace. She knew him well enough to take his voiceless command and rose to join him, curling against him.

He looked around the room, which like the hall was covered in pictures. Smiling to himself he watched her out of the corner of his eye. While almost always in heat, a trait he had painstakingly trained into her, her scent was especially thick today. He stoked her cheek, running his fingers through her hair. Silently he wondered what color panties she had chosen to wear for him tonight. His pet purred as she nuzzled against him, kneading his leg. For a while he let her, but eventually he told her, "Show me around."

Without hesitation she was on her feet, padding towards one of the side doors. He followed her into the hallway, eyes watching her curvaceous form as she walked. More pictures covered the walls and so far he had yet to see any duplicates. For a second though, he thought he heard a soft gasp. The sudden spike in his pets scent told him he wasn't the only one who heard it. It took a moment in the darkness, but near some tall house plants his keen eyes found them. A couple as sitting together on a large chair, girl bouncing on a young mans lap. She had her tail in her mouth as she bounced silently, and his paws roamed her body freely trying to see if he could get her to make noise... It looked like he was winning.

At random they entered a room. It was warm and had tiles covering the floor. There were a series of towels laid out, next to a steaming pool that could probably fit four, maybe five people. Following the theme of the Mansion and of the room, the pictures had images of furr's making love. He looked closely at one of them, realizing that some of them were pictures taken in this very room. When he turned back towards her, she was laying on the towels, posed seductively. He laughed and left the room. With a frustrated sigh she had no choice but to follow him.

The next room was bright, to bright for his taste. The floor was covered in giant plushies. Giggling she threw herself onto an over sized pillow, that he assumed was supposed to serve as a bed. As he drew near she raised her rear and wiggled, lifting her tail. Bending forward he lifted her skirt and bit her smooth ass suddenly before walking out. She squealed and followed him once more, clearly getting antsy. So... she wore the red ones today...

The third room was luxurious, even by his standards. It had a fire place a table with chairs, nice thick carpeting and a massive bed. Of course the walls like all the others were covered with pictures. She entered timidly as he looked at each of the pictures and got in bed. Hearing a whimper he turned around.

She was like before, rear in the air wiggling in a teasing manner. Letting a feral growl escape his throat he lept on her. In a blur of motion he freed his manhood from his pants and pushing aside her slick panties rammed his cock inside her. She screamed out in surprise, gasping at the double edged mingling of pleasure and pain from a sudden, forced entry. As he bucked into her, she lowered he face to the sheets, claws digging into the blankets. True he wasn't always this rough, but he was her Master, and she would would do as he commanded.

While he had his way with her, he unfastened the snaps of her skirt, letting it slide off and slip to the bed. Using his claws he tore her panties away, so he could have better access to her. He could buy more later. Molding himself to her back he panted hotly in her ear, "Dirty slut... This is what you wanted isn't it?"

Pushing back against him she cried out, "Harder.... please Master... Fuck me..."

Obsidian grinned as he took ahold of her waist. With a savage thrust, he knoted her feeling her tightening pussy clamp down on him. As she screamed out her orgasm he told her, "Your going to cum again... and again... until you can't walk anymore." Relentlessly, brutally he rode her from behind, feeling her love juices coat and drip from his balls.

It didn't take long for her body to start to tense again. His dick swollen inside her, he bite down on her neck. As his fangs sunk in she cried out with the power of their climax, his hot, thick seed filling her. And to her total shock the door swung open and a few stunned looking man stood there.

Gasping for breath she pulled away from her Master and collapsed to the bed sneering at the onlooker, "Do you mind?" She then started to pull the blankets up so the peeking tom couldn't see anything.

Obsidian lowered himself tugging at the blankets, "If you didn't want to be seen, you should have locked the door." He told her.

The girl turned her head towards her Master, "You could have locked the door to." Instantly she knew she should not have said it.

Growling again he tore away the blankets and grabbing her waist once more, he lifted her rear and forced himself back inside her. As she screamed out he told her harshly, "And I don't think I told you that you could stop."

The stranger just stood there in shock, unsure as what he should do. Obsidian pulled back, sliding himself from her quivering love hole and using their juices as lube, pressed himself into her ass. With a throaty lustful rawr he hilted her.

Mortified she cried as he took her again pleading with him, "Please.... please don't let him watch." He laughed at her darkly and hooked his arm under her belly. Sitting back, he pulled her onto his lap commanding her to bounce on him.

Face burning with shame, the girl turned her head, trying to use her hair to hide her face. Her Master ran his paws up her sides pulling her shirt off and exposing her well rounded breasts. Brushing aside her hair he made certain there was no way she could hide. Rubbing her breasts the gave her another command, "Spread your legs my pet, and touch yourself. Let him see your sweet dripping pussy." She whimpers with tears running down her cheeks, but dared not disobey a direct order.

To the watchers amazement she parted her legs wide. And as her fingers found her cunny, in spite of her protests, her moans grew louder and more lust filled. Tilting her head back she kissed her fierce Master eager to please him. "Please Sir... Cum in me again... fill my ass... like you did my pussy... please...." Her entire body was flushed with embarrassment, but she couldn't control her need any longer, he would not permit it.

He was close though, very close and since she had been such a good little slut he decided to grant her request. Pushing up into her as hard as he could he ground into her. She slammed herself down on is throbbing cock and as their bodies locked together, he released an ear shattering howl. His cum coated the walls of her tight ass, leaking out around the edges setting her off again.

As she screamed and howled her orgasm, her Master put his paws to her pussy, rubbing and petting, drawing out her climax as long as he could. Every now and then he lifted his paws to his muzzle, tongue flicking out to taste her. "MMmmmmmmmm..."

Panting she collapsed again unable to hold herself up any longer. For several minutes they lay there locked together shuddering and twitching, his knot had swollen so much he could not pull out of her. "Th.. thank you... Sir... you were... wonderful..."

Wrapping his arms around his exhausted pet her hugged her, "You were delicious." She smiled then passed out completely. Tenderly he lifted her up, still impaled on his cock and collected their clothing. Nude and still joined together, he carried them from the room. With a wink he tossed her soaked and shredded panties to the stranger, who looked to have creamed his pants. "Hope you enjoyed the show." Humming to himself Obsidian carried his pet home.

Well... if that didn't get your bottom wet I don't know what will. I personally think its one of my better works. Anyway hope you enjoyed.