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Rilie's New Power

"Are you going to be alright while I'm gone?" Bobby asked Zody and Rilie as he stood in the doorway of his room. After Rilie had stormed out of the history room, she had almost had another encounter with Harley, until Bobby and Zody had caught up. Rilie had then turned back toward the history room to wait for Bade, until she had noticed Isabel waiting just outside the door. When Rilie had stormed past Bobby and Zody a second time, they caught her and decided she needed some time to cool off privately, so they took her to Bobby's room. Now, seeing as it was lunch, Bobby was just about to head to the cafeteria to pick up food for them all.

"We'll be fine," Zody said and smiled at him. She sat on the bed with Rilie, who nodded her head in agreement.

When the door closed, Rilie shot to her feet and began pacing the room angrily. Zody knew that Rilie was furious with Bade, but Zody also believed Bade as innocent mostly.

"I can't believe she just kissed him as if it was okay," Rilie snapped.

"She's European," Zody said. "They do that sometimes, like we shake hands."

"Not just that," Rilie yelled turning to stare at Zody. "The look in his eyes when she did it. And what right does she have to wait for him outside the room?"

"How do you know she was waiting for him?" Zody asked.

"He was the only one in the room besides Mr. Jackson," Rilie said. "So, unless she has an undying passion for Mr. Jackson, I'd say she was waiting for Bade."

"And you couldn't wait for him because…?" Zody asked.

"She was there," Rilie snapped.

"But if you were there, she probably would have left if she was waiting for him," Zody said. Rilie opened her mouth to retaliate, but Zody cut her off. "Rilie, I think you're just way over reacting. And, you know I'm right because Isabel's actions are not the same as Bade's actions. What she does reflects in no way on Bade."

"But, that's just the thing," Rilie said. "Her actions don't reflect on him, but what if she starts talking to him and manipulates his mind?"

"She wouldn't have the chance if you had stayed with him when the bell rang," Zody said. Rilie groaned at that. Zody stood from the bed and went to Bobby's refrigerator. "Want anything to drink?"

"No, thank you," Rilie said. She put her hands over her face, completely distraught at the problem at hand.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Zody opened it to find Bobby and Ferg, each holding a lunch tray completely filled with food. She stepped from the doorway to let them in, closing the door behind Ferg.

"My only request is that there is no food on the bed," Bobby said, setting one tray down on his desk. He grabbed the items he usually ate, and passed Zody her usual lunch. He looked at her in a way that she knew something was wrong.

"Are you hiding something?" she asked quietly so Rilie couldn't hear.

"Bade is sitting with Isabel," Bobby replied in an even quieter voice. "And trashing Rilie. Saying that he only claimed he was pro-Siren because she made him."

Zody tried her best not to gasp, but Rilie still heard a sound escape her mouth. Rilie narrowed her eyes and asked, "What was that about, Zode?"

"Nothing, Ri," Zody quickly said and stuffed a whole mozzarella stick in her mouth so she couldn't talk.

"Bobby?" Rilie turned to the yellow-eyed teenager.

"It's nothing, Rilie," Bobby said with a slight edge on his voice. Zody looked at him oddly. He never got nervous, so why was he showing his nerve now?

"Ferg, what the fuck are they hiding from me?" Rilie asked.

"No—" Ferg began, but Rilie cut him off.

"Don't fucking lie to me, Ferg," Rilie snapped, sending a wave of energy through the room.

"What the hell, Rilie!" Zody snapped at her friend. "No need to be sending energy waves around."

"I didn't," Rilie said, a very different tone of voice.

"Bade is sitting with Isabel and telling everyone that he only said he was pro-Siren to have sex with you," Ferg blurted, then slapped his hands over his mouth as if he hadn't meant to.



"I didn't mean to," Ferg squeaked. "It was like I had no control! You know, like a Siren's enchanting."

Ignoring Ferg's last comment, Zody looked at Rilie. "Are you sure you didn't use any sort of enchantments there?"

"My ring isn't even touching my skin," Rilie said indicating to the ring hanging in front of her shirt. "I can't believe Bade would do this to me. When did he turn into such a fucking jerk?"

"She might be using an enchantment," Bobby said. "Perez is her mother's name. Ever wonder why she took her mother's surname rather than her father's?"

"I didn't even know that little fact," Zody said.

"Her father didn't have a surname, did he?" Rilie asked.

"Her father was a fairy," Bobby said.

"And fairies have the power to manipulate people through their lips," Zody gasped.

"So the moment she kissed him in class, she was taking over his mind!" Rilie yelled. "That fucking harlot!"

"Wait, why is she pro-Banshee if she's not only Spanish, but part fairy?" Ferg asked.

"Don't be such an idiot, Ferg," Zody yelled. "She's not really pro-Banshee. She just wants to remain popular. She's using the exact same reasoning as you. Lie."

"I am not lying when I say I'm against Sirens!" Ferg yelled.

"You use a Siren key chain," Zody pointed to his key chain hanging out of his pocket. "Plus, if you were really pro-Banshee, the Caribbean Sirens would have barbequed you."

Ferg got a little red in the face, but remained otherwise silent.

"We have to tell someone," Rilie demanded.

"Like who?" Bobby asked.

"Bade's parents," Rilie said. She stood and began pacing the room.

Zody turned to Bobby. "How do you know that Isabel is half fairy?"

"I know something about almost everyone in this school," Bobby said. "My parents purposely go out of their way to give me blackmail on everyone."

"What have they said about me?" Zody asked giving him a wary look.

"Just to beware of your opal ring," Bobby said. "The whole eye thing. Which is another thing about Isabel. She has a moonstone power ring, which means her eyes also have a hypnotic power. One in which he wouldn't seem hypnotized at all."

"That SLUT!" Rilie hollered. "She is so fucking dead."

"Would you shut up?" Ferg asked.

"Make me!"

"You don't want to get me using my powers," Ferg said.

"Why don't you just go jump out a window!" Rilie suggested, and another wave of energy flowed from her body.

"Fine!" Ferg snapped and turned to the window of the room.

"Ferg, what the hell are you doing?" Zody yelled grabbing his wrist as he threw one leg out of the window.

"Jumping out a window."

"Duh! Why?" Bobby asked pulling Ferg back in the room and sealing his window shut with magic.

"I don't know," Ferg said. "Cause Rilie told me to, I guess."

"I didn't mean it literally," Rilie said. Her power ring was still not touching her skin.

Zody slowly began to piece the puzzle together. "Rilie, order me to do something," Zody said. "Anything."


"Just do it!"

Rilie laughed. "Do the Chicken Dance," Rilie said easily.

"Do it with conviction," Zody said.

"I command you to do the Chicken Dance," Rilie said firmly, a wave of energy flowing from her body.

Zody felt nothing. "Now, order Bobby to do something."

"I command you to do a strip tease for Zody," Rilie said in the same tone, another flow of energy released from her body.

"You have got to be kidding me," Bobby said, until he suddenly began to unbutton his shirt and dance in front of Zody.

"Bobby, stop it," Zody said.

"I can't," Bobby said, his eyes wide with worry.

"Stop it, Bobby," Rilie said through a few laughs. He finally stopped and immediately rebuttoned the shirt.

"Bobby, did your parents say anything about Rilie's family?"

"Nothing that you don't already know," Bobby said. "She's an orphan and raised by a non-magical family."

"Do they know who her real parents are?" Zody asked. Bobby shook his head.

"I guess the only person who would know would be the one who informed her she was has magic," Bobby said.

"Mrs. Jackson," Rilie said.

"Can we maybe ask Bade's dad instead?" Zody asked.

"Yeah," Rilie said.

"Mr. Jackson?" Rilie asked as she, Zody, Bobby, and Ferg walked into the empty classroom five minutes later. He looked up, sighed, and motioned for them to sit down.

"What do we have to complain about now?" he asked. Zody furrowed her brow, never having heard him sound so annoyed.

"Something strange is going on with Rilie," Ferg said. "When she orders me or Bobby to do something, we can't help but do it."

"And she's not using her ring," Zody added to help him understand. Mr. Jackson's orange eyes flashed.

"I was wondering if you know anything more about my parents than what I've already been told," Rilie said.

Mr. Jackson nodded. He looked as if he had known this talk had been coming for some time now. "Rilie, I knew your father very well. He was my roommate and best friend when we were in Newtseye." He stopped talking for a moment.

"And my mother?" she asked.

"I never met her," Mr. Jackson said. He took a deep breath. "Your father was working with the Intermagical Union of Peace, trying to calm the storm between the Banshees and the Sirens. He was in the Black Sea area where he met a woman, and fell in love. She felt the same way for him, and they soon had a child."

"I'm a love child?" Rilie asked. Zody looked at Rilie, unable to believe it either.

"Well, they actually eloped shortly before you were born, but then because of the building storm, your father brought you back to the United States where you would be safer and entrusted you to me." He stopped for a moment.

"Then what happened?" Ferg asked as if it was a bedtime story of sorts.

"Your father returned, and a few weeks later, we heard about the abduction of several Sirens and one worker from the International Union of Peace. Your father."

"Then what about my mother?" Rilie asked.

Mr. Jackson sighed. "She was abducted as well."

Rilie stared at him for a moment. "Was my mother a Siren?" Rilie finally asked. Mr. Jackson only nodded.

"After your parents were abducted and several weeks had passed, my wife decided that it was time to deliver you to an orphanage where you could find parents. It's not that we had anything against you, but well, there is still a lot about the magical society you need to learn, Rilie. One of those being marriage."

"Arranged marriages, by any chance?" Bobby asked. "Tell me you're not actually that old fashioned, Mr. Jackson."

"I'm in an arranged marriage, Mr. Knight," Mr. Jackson said. Bobby bit his lip and looked away. "Rilie, we didn't want to raise you too close to Bade because we didn't want you to feel awkward about the fact that your father and I, well…"

"I'm supposed to marry Bade?" Rilie asked. "But… this is America! Those kinds of things don't actually exist here."

"They do in the magical community," Zody said in a low voice staring at the floor.

"Your father didn't want you to become involved with any Banshee supporters while here, so we made this arrangement, promising to not let Bade be swayed that way. Rilie, you and Bade are going to be married shortly after you turn eighteen, unless something drastic should change the course of what is to happen."

"I can marry who I wish," Rilie claimed. "And I definitely don't want to marry Bade right now."

"You'll find you can't," Zody said. "A boy would need permission from your father to marry you or you won't be able to say your vows or sign the certificate. I mean physically unable. I guess only Bade has permission from your father. That's why arranged marriages happen. Almost all girls have one at birth, but they usually are only carried through if the bride's father should die, or disappear in your case, before the bride can find a groom on her own."

"Who's your arranged marriage?" Rilie asked.

"It's this kid who goes to Salem Institute," Zody said feeling her cheeks grow hot.

"He's a major nerd," Ferg filled in.

"And what about you, Ferg?"

"Oh, she's five years younger and such a doll," Zody said in a babying voice. "It's really rather funny and she's just head over heals for Ferg."

"Wait, does Bade have any say in this?" Rilie asked.

"Not without my permission," Mr. Jackson said.

"Have you heard what just happened?" Rilie asked.

"I saw Isabel kiss him in class," Mr. Jackson said. "But, you are aware that—"

"She's part fairy?" Rilie asked. "Just found out. So how do we break this fairy spell?"

"There is one natural enchantment over a male stronger than a fairy's lips," Mr. Jackson said slowly staring at Rilie. "A Siren's voice."

"How very convenient that you should happen to have one of those handy," Ferg said with a laugh.

"I don't think I can face him right now," Rilie said.

"And you definitely don't want to use your new found gift in front of the whole school," Bobby said. "The whole anti-Siren campaign and all."

"Then how do we get Bade somewhere without Isabel?" Ferg asked.

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