i dream of white

i dream of white snow (of purity and
innocence) and as the snowflakes fall on
my hair and onto my tongue, it suddenly
rains crimson red, the color of (my) blood.

i can see memories in front of me like a
panorama, reminding me of all the things
i used to be (and all that we were). but even
deciphered dreams can't tell me why you don't
(and never) care(d) or why you left me in silence.

and as everything disappears, i'm back in
my bed, wrapped in (artificial) warmth. and
it's dreams like these that leave me to only
guess what goes through your mind.

April 4, 2006


author's note: different approach to this piece - at least, different from all my others. i think i like the thoughts of snow turning to blood rain. what about you?