The Secret Riddles Of My Heart

Martini afternoons and depressive songs

Arcade tickets for ten thousand points

And banana splits that melted too fast

One Spring during sunset's light

A secret so deep I can't even breathe

During party stalls and tilted floors

Where true perfection is deceiving

And misfortunes locked the doors


Jungle trees and bumblebees

Paper-thin. Handkerchiefs.

Volleyball games

Too many books read.

Dreaming summer came

Then, chiseled lips of strawberry ice-creams

& flavors of the week for every two Tuesdays.

Football fields and scampered feet

Falling at the seams.


White canvas in desert halls

Poor attempts of photographs and lures

Pearl-ish teeth for metaphors too overused


Flawless entertainment for televised series

Black leather couches

Movie afternoons watching

Films that never made it to the theater


Oceanic fields

For runners in track

Sun covered in clouds and an afterglow shield

Beaches of colors so bright


Hamburger fairs

Long distance affairs.

New friendships gained

Old ones stained


Meatloaf on Sundays

Restaurants of high-prices on Fridays

& Cinema hours during High School nights

Buying special guest's cards

With those ones that taught me
happiness can be free

Life is just a series of moments of indescribable glee.


Carpeting floors dressed in marble corridors

for elegant appearances with odors so strange

Starlight parades. (I'm) Beginning to age.

Midnight sonatas during fireworks seating in wet grasses during one October's night.


So(ngs)co Amaretto Limes re-playing in my mind

Memories of second semester

& mud covered in water

Of showers in the mornings

& 70 songs during English class.

Sing-alongs for seventy times (7)


Boat hangovers

& off-tunes steps breaking the glasses.

Four ones are still standing

Apart for one another they drift

To different shores searching for something neither can give.


(& still) the tattering words

Haunting memories

Daunting the present

Long term smiles

Scribbled in paper using similes


With crocodile tears

For loving my best friend at rears

Of dreams that never came true

& realities reminding the cue


And the story of a year so perfect

With sustained smiling eyes

& a heart full of happiness's praise-

I am due to pay my debts

Of exceeding prices

As insomniac nights arises.


& I won't regret even though I am aware

That it comes to closure, has to end

A secret only immortality can prevail

I will (never) forget not to any avail.