Chapter 1: Papa's arvial and digressus

P.o.v:Point of view

year: Sometime around 57 BC

Location: Ancient Sparta, Greece

Note: Some material is historically inaccurate.Please keep in mind that this is historical fiction. All latin in the story will always be translated.

Anastaicia's P.O.V

I watched my three sisters fixing each others' hair around the fireplace. I of course being the boy as they call me, was not invited. I really didn't care if my sisters didn't like me, it's thier lost, not mine. Although I was invited to spar outside with my three brothers. Who would choose hair over sparing anyway? Want to know a secret? My brothers like me more than they like our other three sisters, don't tell anyone though; they might get jealous. I would have played with my brothers, but mama wouldn't let me. She said that I had to practice my weaving not play a man's game. I was stuck helping mama weave a blanket. I felt as if I were a slave, I never had any time to play, it was always Anastaicia this, Anastaicia that, Zuesu I am going to go insane.

The door opened, "Thank Zuesu." I stopped weaving, "Seth convince mama to let me play with you."I told my older brother heis 17 at the time.

I came to a halt. My eyes, I believe were going to pop out of my head. I came to see that my older brother was not indeed at the door, it was papa.

"Is that anyway to greet your papa?" He asked

"Abbasa(papa)," I cried in Latin as I ran to him

Papa lifted me up from the ground, throwing me up and down like I was three years old again. I am the youngest, shortest, and lightest of my brothers and sisters, but that didn't matter to papa because his strong arms could lift us all. I am the only one that grows fond of him picking me up, so this is his special greeting from him to me. Papa was back from his four month long sea journeys, I thank Neptune the god of the sea for bringing him back alive. I am only seven years of age and I understand that Papa may never return home. I told mama, one day if papa does abeo (dies) I will help raise the family. As usual mama tells me that it's a man's job, it makes me foolish to think that I can do such a job. My job as a woman is to attend to my chores, stay beautiful and get married. My job is so boring, I want to do what papa and all my brothers do, it is much more exciting.

"My parvus (little) Anastaicia." Papa kissed me

"I have missed you so much papa." I hugged his neck.

Papa put me onto the floor, "I have missed you just as much."

Mama had heard all the nosiness and had came out of the kitchen. My brothers had came inside to greet papa. My sisters had all circled around, so did the rest of the family. I smiled as I watched Papa greet them, our home had become a noisy home with papa's presence, that is how it always has been.

Papa brought heaps of life and joy into our home with his amazing sea stories. The stories had such vivid description that I felt like I was part of all the action myself. I believe papa is just as good as the great bard Homer. I knew even if I told him my suggestion he would prefer being a sailor than a bard.

Sadly papa had to leave early the next morning. He didn't even get a chance to say good bye. The good news is that he did leave me something under my bed. It was a ball. Papa knew how I have always hated dresses and dolls, that's why he bought me boy things even if it meant being scolded by Mama. That is the reason I dislike mama she's such a pain in the gutter (neck), papa on the other hand is the opposite. He gave me the the things that I wanted. For that and the fact that he was my papa was why I love him.

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