What is life?

Life, purposeless, is the continuation and bitterness

In the fight for survival.

What is survival?

Survival is the means

By which you may stay alive.

What does it mean to live?

To live, to thrive, to prosper,

To fall, to falter, to die.

What is death?

The end, or perhaps the beginning,

Of the cycle that begins anywhere and ends nowhere.

Where is nowhere?

Nowhere is the negative essence of thought,

That which cannot be noticed, but is existent nonetheless.

What is existence?

Existence is proof to yourself that you are still alive,

That you may have purpose.

What is purpose?

Purpose drives the need of the heart,

Found at times, elusive at others.

Life, Survival, Alive, Dead, Nowhere, Existence, Purpose.

Apart there is little in common.

But together?

That is the ultimate question.

Alive in Life, Survival in Death, Existence in Nowhere, Purpose in all.

To find Purpose, that is the greatest test of your Survival,

To use Purpose, that is the greatest goal of Life.

To have Purpose, that is proof of Existence.

To lose Purpose, that is a cause for Death.

To grant Purpose, that is a gift found Nowhere.

To gain Purpose, that is a reason to stay Alive.