What limits of beauty

Can the mighty poem

Transcribe from our hearts?

What vast lakes of arcane imagination

Can the mighty poem

Emboss on the reader's mind?

What fiery, passionate words

Can the mighty poem

Speak to us softly?

The mighty poem

Does reveal the poet's heart

With such potency and care,

And greater still it cries its hopes

When in raw, unadulterated free verse.

Rhyming verse-

Perhaps it may have its uses.

But all too often,

Rhyming verse

Cages and tames

The wild words that so freely

Sprung from the poet's heart.

I do not capture a bright, mighty eagle

Simply to thrust it into a cold, dark prison

Where it cannot spread its vast wings;

Instead, I send it far

Unto a greater sky;

A sky that listens, and loves.