Yeah, there are some people out there

They say their Christians

They scream, and kill, and hate

Those aren't Christians

Christians try and love others, even when they are wrong

They hold you, and tell you Christ is the way

But they don't beat it at you

They don't scream at you

They cry and pray

Ok, so you say, they cry and pray

So they are weak


Why do you do this to us?

We only want to love you

We are like you but different

We know the truth

We know the way

We know the life

Don't hate me because you say I hate you

You blame me for innumerous deaths

Say I'm the cause of it all

I killed the pagans

And the blacks

And the Jews

But it's not true

I don't blame you for this

Why do you blame me?

All I want is for you to live

But you tell me the taste of death suits you

You tell me to keep my perfection

That I never had

Help me Lord, because the entire world hates me

Why do you hate us?