You can't tell me you never thought

Of all the things we could be

You can't tell me you've never sought

To be something with me

I'd follow you to the end of the earth

But you don't seem to see

That everything you act you aren't

Means everything to me

Show me what love you have

Please just give me your hand

I will show you tonight

I promise it will be alright

No one can hurt you when you're in my arms

No one can take you while I sing this song

And time can't stop

So I'll waste it away with you

Whats the difference if we never know

What hearts can be and what hearts can sow

The meaning was never meant to be known

While time was always written in stone

The words we all can see yet not hear

"We carry these burdens all these years."

You fill me with a feeling

That no one can replace

I wonder what it'd be like

If no one can take your place

I hope they never do

All I want is to be in love with you