Dandelions, a beautiful flower

Overlooked by many

Stepped on by few.

She stands out, sequined purse

Blood red lips

Blue eyes that you can sail in

And a body suit hugging her curves

Cars pass by, faster than the years

She blows smoke into the air

Gently taps the cigarette with her finger

Watching the ashes fall to the ground and melt into a memory.

You can see the age on her face

Wrinkles around her mouth, crows feet infesting her eyes

A pound of cover up hides her tragedy

She signals a man, smiles a toothy smile

He pulls over

She takes long strides, making her feminity known

The street lights watch her, gaze upon her like a spot light

"Hey need a date big boy" she hisses out in a sultry voice with her every intention obvious.

She hops in the truck

Her fishnets shimmied down her knees, and she was hoisted onto his lap

She moans for him, she feels nothing

Like sliding a metal rod through a hole in a wall

She wasn't really there, but the smell made her sick

Cigarettes, sweat, sex, so familiar. So distant.

The trucker finished with a grunt

Not any grunt, a grunt that escapes from your bowels and seeps through your mouth

She automatically turns into a business woman

"fifty dollars no checks, no cards just cash"

He opened his wallet, a picture of two young girls

Must have been his kids.

Back on the street it was cold

Her fair skin was getting chapped and her heals were blistered

Another man pulled up beside her

Asked if she wanted to go for a ride

He was a regular, tall, muscular and ambitious

He paid well, sometimes took her to dinner

His wife was nice too; she met her on several occasions

His taste was different from the others

It was sweet not bitter

And his hands were gentle not rough

She sometimes forgets he is a paycheck

Not a human, not a man with a wife and son, just a paycheck

And she was just a whore.

AN. This is a little different, I like it a lot, I hope you do too RR