Princess, you drive me crazy

Long thick hair, smothering my face

Breaths caught in the moment

Lingering above me, penetrating eyes, penetrating fingers

Tasting my toxicity

I balance on your face

My cunt a warm embrace

Do you like?

Ride harder says my woman

I sway my hips like I'm trying to explode

The blanket keeps reality in check

Gripping it fierce

Screaming, dreaming, beaming, dripping, leaking for you

Only for you.

You flip me over; I take in your fingers with ease

My ass is in your face

You love it

Moaning, tainting the precious air around us

I love you, I love you, I want you, and I need you

You breathe hard, smack my ass

I grip your legs as I cum

It's hard, intense, insane I drown in your essence

We don't stop, we can't stop

Escaping from this reality, breathing as one, tasting as one, being one

Sweating out all morals

Making love a bitter sweet redemption

You cum hard, a perplexed tongue can't make out the words you yearn to say

It's okay, I understand, we lay entwined, separated, together, content.

AN: Dalia, we had one hell of a night that night. ;)