The feeling of betrayal was searing into Rachael like a hot iron on exposed flesh. The man that she thought she could trust had let her down in the worst way and there was not a thing she could do to change what had happened. Forbidden truth is so often revealed at the worst possible moment. Disgust washed over her, mixed with hot rage and desire for revenge. Rachael scolded herself for being so careless when things were at such a vulnerable state. There was no excuse for what she had done and now she had to pay the price and fix it before it was too late. This is where she let logic take control and let the emotions simmer on the back burner until she had the time and the patience to deal with them. She had given into them and look where they had gotten her. No, it was time to take a different course, a course that would get her out of this.

Rachael thought back on the events of the day as she prepared to fix her crucial mistake.

"You should always learn from the mistakes made by both your enemies and your comrades," She quoted her teacher out loud.

The first mistakes were hers. Letting someone like Jackson so close, infact he couldn't get much closer. It was nice but now the thoughts of him touching her, kissing her, exploring her were just too much. He had betrayed her and now hate replaced those feelings of desire. That was her mistake and she would deal with that but right now she needed to focus on getting out of Deston. This city held a key to a door that she did not want to unlock and worst of all was that the wrong people held that key.

Rachael worked the rest of the afternoon, finalizing her plans. As night fell she picked up the last of her things. Everything was in place, although she was human, Rachael would not stand for a mistake and neither would this situation. Everything was perfect, and things would work out eventually. The central Town clock peeled out eleven times.

"That's my cue."

Rachael stepped out her back door, closing it quietly. The soft thud of the wood and the click of the melt latch mirrored the feeling of the closing of a door on another chapter of her life. The things she has spent her life running from had caught up once again and now it was time to take up the chance and fight for her freedom. The realization that she was once again living the life of adventure and risk brought prickles up her back. This was the life she had been killing for and now it was dying or get back into it. The truth hurts but secrets kill, and this one would slaughter.

Taking a step into the black night, Rachael felt the familiar sensation of serenity that she always found in the shadows. A protection only night can provide. One thing she never lost was her intent love of the night. Not for the night life. No she was not a party girl. She was born with a lust for darkness. It was her solstice. It was like silk moving over bare skin. The darkness lay with her each night. It had become her comfort in bed that let her sleep a deep sleep. Life was full of contingencies and pain and daylight was raw, harsh, and truthful. The night hid the things too easily seen by day and brought a shroud around her that she could confide and sink into in the end.

Rachael felt no remorse for leaving Deston it had only served as a means to an end. But for the time it had been perfect. Now exposed and bare Rachael had to wipe the slate and begin on a different path, one that would hopefully lead her away from the past she so desperately attempted to escape.

Slipping into the shadows, she allowed her well tuned instincts to take over and the comfort of habit to take control. As much as she hated to admit it, this was what she was meant to do. This was her calling but she needed to channel it to something else. Because something can only make one so strong before it kills you.

Skipping back and forth from one shadow to the next, avoiding the light that was cast from widows and street lamps that had yet to fall into disrepair, Rachael made her way out of town. Once on the outskirts she chose the less traveled road, not that it really mattered at this time of night. If she did meet someone their attention would soon be focused on that one bedroom boarding house that had become her sanctuary.

Rachael stopped a few minutes out of town on a hill that looked down on an eerie scene. She watched silently to see the display of glory and brilliance that would bring down havoc on a restful night, in a blaze of lights like had never been seen. The ignorance of such people would lead them astray and the knowledge of her past would pull the wool even further down on their eyes. Jackson would know what had happened he was too smart and too far into this not to. But he would never be able to prove it. As good as he was, she was better she had seen to that. She knew that her "past" had leaked out over the community over the past day and the wrong people knew her secret in some form or another.

Once investigated the pending fire would be found to have been arson. The incapable government officials would pin in up on their unsolved list of freelancers "seeking justice" it would be left at that. But Jackson would know different. She had left him something to ponder on; a little surprise in return for the one he had left her. But he would be helpless. With everything being untraceable reasonable doubt would rule out. Once the dental records were examined she would be declared a very dead, non existent person and her life would begin again somewhere else.

Sitting there, she convinced herself what she had to hide was worth the lives that were sacrificed for secrecy. Quietly she settled down to watch to show before disappearing forever.