Some pain is just too vivid to be forgotten, too deep to be washed away with tears.

Life, joyous and beautiful, depressing and repulsive,
an eternal struggle for equilibrium and equality.

As apathy can be our saddest shield, regret can be our happiest nightmare.

Through life, we experience a nearly unlimited range of emotions,
from joy to sorrow; hope to despair, good and evil are forever intrinsic.

Falling for time, we live for the end, waiting for life to take us where it will.

In waiting we miss our single opportunity to life,
and instead we live a sheltered death.

Therein lies the secret, the key to our success and failure.

Called by many names, Fate and Destiny fade over time,
as it progresses, time advances like a cancer, parasitic and silent.

Forget regret, or life will lose you to memory's cruel vice.

Hijack this fateful overture of death with me,
let's slow down the tempo and sing a love ballad.

You and me, us being the world, we'll live each day like our last,
there is no future, there is no past, time doesn't matter anymore.

Speaking our own language, writing our own concertos,
we'll play it up until the end, and then we'll start again.