Watching from the highest spire

I could see the End

An oncoming wave of darkness, yes,

Then it would begin.

The wave of shadows, furious still

Crushed across the planes

As I watched from the highest point

Of my own tower of pain.

The sanctuary, no one knew

That this is where I stayed

To see the crushing stream of death,

Devastation and disarray.

The world would fall into depths

Of shadows I did see

And yet I only watched and kept

My own darkness in me.

The tower loomed over it all

Seeing the End rise

I felt no emotion watching it

Unleash others' demise.

The shadows grew, the darkness spread

And finally touched the tower.

My sanctuary had quickly reached

Its truly darkest hour.

As it rose to the peak

Of my greatest keep

I did not move the slightest inch

Nor did I begin to weep.

"It can have the tower" I said,

Leaping from the spire

I leapt down each level rapidly

But did not even tire.

At the surface, the darkness reached

Out to try and take

And so I let it, open arms

And soon, I began to wake.

Was it real? Was it not?

I will not know for sure.

But whatever darkness throws at me,

I promise, I will endure.