well, ok, i did some interview for Pony that people apparently enjoyed, so i figured i'd do the same with the wyatt interviews i've done ages ago. seriously, this one has been on my myspace since april of this year. :::laughs:::

so, this is a bit of your christmas present, and to let ya'll know i'm not really dead. although, i feel like it a lot of the time. heh. Drawing II sucks my soul.

monday, december 3, 2007 10:59 pm.

Pick a couple of your own charas and interview them - what would they say in answer to the following?

1. Wyatt
2. Garron
3. Axel

Favourite make-out music?

Wyatt: People listen to music at the same time? Why bother?
Garron: (scratches head) I dunno, we don't really listen to anything...
Axel: Oh, anything by Gun's and Roses is sexy to a chick

It's 2 a.m. Where are you likely to be?

Wyatt: Smoking out in the street, sometimes. Unless it's cold, then I smoke just outside the door.
Garron: Wyatt's always up late, but I like to sleep. Unless we're...you know. (blushes)
Axel: Two in the morning. On a weekend? Taking a wank in bed.

Your most prized possession?

Wyatt: (goes blank) Umm..are people possessions? ...No?
Garron: Ah, my Gameboy! I've beat every game I own at least fifteen times!
Axel: Penis. (looks down and smirks) Yep, it's a good'un.

Pick one of the other people here - how would you like to see them dressed?

Wyatt: I like sweatpants because there's no buttons. Hands fit right down inside...and Garron looks sexy in them.
Garron: (blushes and shrugs)
Axel: Oooh! Garron owes me a tutu dance beside the interstate for the time I showed up at school wearing a lavender bra over a rainbow shirt. The chicks digged it though.

What's in your pockets right now?

Wyatt: (digs inside and pulls out a penny and lint)
Garron: My wallet, even though all that's in it is a dollar or two. Maybe.
Axel: (shows cupped palms) Let's see. There's a paper clip, rubber band, couple of condoms--ooh, this is prelubricated and this one is strawberry flavored--and a twenty.

Weapon of choice?

Wyatt: Crack kills.
Garron: I'm a pacifist, really...but if i ever--you know--I'd probably use a wire around their neck. (nods)
Axel: A magnum, man!

What's your guilty pleasure?

Wyatt: Smoking, anything with nicotine. I once stole a pack, I was so desperate.
Garron: (slowly blushes) I like to watch Wyatt sleep. He's funny when my fingers touch his nipples when he's dreaming.
Axel: Girls.

Got anything to declare?

Wyatt: I can get you heroine if you want it, or cocaine. I don't like snorting coke though, it makes me act paranoid.
Garron: Sometimes I wish I'd never been born. (dead silence)
Axel: ...If I were ever into guys, I'd be into Wyatt. (sighs)

A/N: heh, this was the short one. i have to find the other one. but it's late for me, and i have classes in the morning. so suck-ass-worthy.