Alone in the darkness I cry to myself

I wonder where I should go or what I should do

I understand what my life is leading to, but I don't care

No I don't care

Oh I don't care

They all tell me if I keep up this distance I'd end up alone

Oh well, I didn't seem to care

Loneliness is okay in a way , in the darkness

The darkness is comfort to my soul

And well I understand

I am a distant person

And I ended up alone


I am distant now

Ever since you left that night in darkness

You left on a winters night

It was too cold for a human

And it was too dark to see anything

But you left anyways

We were in love

You said you had to go

That I couldn't go with you

Said it was dangerous

You were devoted and alone with me

I was distant ,then as I am now

But you too, were distant

We were distant together

But now I'm distant on my own

All alone

No one to talk to

Distant is how I'll be

From now on