I wrote some crap about an angel.

That's what it was, at best.

So when I saw the angel kneeling there;

Head bowed under the weight of the heavens,

Shoulders bent from lifting the sky,

A heart heavy with so much grief…

Well I broke down and began to cry.

My glistening tears bespoke her

Glittering diamond drops.

The air was dense, sponging around her,

As if absorbing some of her sorrow,

She knelt at the child's grave

Face solemn, carved like stone.

I noticed the baby angel statuette,

By the grave's headstone.

A glimmering glow around the angel,

Haloing her purity,

But there was mud on her robes,

And a knowledge in her eyes.

She sighed, and her heart broke open,

She closed her eyes against it,

A barricade of ignorance,

But tears leaked from her lashes,

And she began to cry.

And I wish I did not know,

What guardian angels will do

If their wards should die.