Is this it?

Is this how love is supposed to be?

Every time I try to embrace you I get pushed away

You shock me by saying you hate everything about me

Call me stupid but my heart tells me to stay

Somehow I know deep down you want to be with me

Please…enough mind games, I don't want to play

I want to be there for you, but you constantly pushing me away are driving me crazy

Why don't you understand that I don't care about your past?

Put the past behind you, your present and future is hopefully you and me

I'm sorry if you feel our relationship is going too fast

I can't help wanting to express our love – something special we have for everyone to see

I don't want this to go too fast; its rare good things in my life last

So, allow me to stand at your side as your knight

Then I can protect you in my arms by holding you tight