No one will ever know my heart,

Of course you've hidden them from that part.

Your vile and vicious ways,

I cannot count the days

Brought upon by anger

With all my vicious slaughter

Of flesh so tender and mortal

Will you not tell me what is to live for?


With a butcher's edge

I feel my heart receding

To this endless open sea

Of thought, what is to live for?


No hero comes to aid

No fearless victor

Tell me once, O Ruler of my heart

What is left to live for?


For what you've done to me today,

I wish to settle the score.

You tell me I'm alone,

You whisper in my ear.

You tell me I'm your own,

And no one else will care.

Why should I dare?

To whisper out my worries?


Slowly you force me into a room,

A closet or a bedroom.

And slash red streaks,

All around me.

When the deed is done,

You tell me I'm the only one.

You tell me they will never understand,

How can they?

When you're my only fan.


Tonight you've closed in on me,

You forced this single thought.

My family is gone,

And you've forced into me this draught.

Poison you fed me,

Poison, you did.

I cry my heart out,

For all the blood I've shed.


You see my crystal tears,

And beat me into silence.

What is there to live for?


Now you leave me there,

Lying on the floor.

I hope you suffer the blight,

For the deed you've done tonight.


I found the answer to my question,

As the death you gave me takes me.

The answer to my question,

Everything is to live for.