I've saved the best for last.
A bottle later and I can't think straight.
Let's have time go in reverse
and wash away the tears that allows the pain to stay.
It's going to my head and my heart doesn't mind
as I bring you words of forgotten glory.
It's one of a kind.
I dare someone to disturb me in a disturbing state of despair
when the tears are swallowed besides the fear
and the sorrows are cleared from the back of my head
as I crawl into the shadows, left for dead.
I could beg and I could plead
but I'd give up if not at all for the company that never falters or leaves me here to bleed.
Tough times and tougher rhymes to let me stay sane
as I ask for permission of what I could need.
Don't get out of my sight but follow the pills on the ground.
The trail will lead you to me.
Hide me in a corner and don't stay close to me.
Death may be contagious and I don't wanna hurt anybody anymore.
I never asked to kill and I never let me go to a heaven no one ever knows.
No place to go but up
when hell is so close and yet so far.
So I'll pick up my heart and pick this guitar
and I'll pretend that I'm strumming to the beat of a broken instrument
that binds us all together and lets us fall apart.
And I'll be another tune and I'll sell away my soul
to be noticed and forgotten until reality strikes again.
And then I'll be the corner for another "you" to lie,
in a bruised and beaten attitude that rips us all to shreds.
I could be proud but I think I'm just lonely,
forgotten as long as I'm so close to "home."
Wherever I am and wherever I may be,
I'm here in the back of your mind to haunt you and hurt you
like I never wanted to do.
And the page runs short and the pen is dying
and the hand that holds it
acts in superficial smiles to keep me going
until I can forget again.