Lead Us All Back Home


I used to lay myself down to sleep

With no regards to whom my soul should keep.

And I used to pray for an eternal night

In which I'd pass from this losing fight.

I used to loathe with all my being,

Yet it never truly kept me from seeing

That You were there always and forever

And I knew that You would give up on me never.

You knew to stay patient and wait for me

Because someday soon I'd come to see

That no matter what I did wrong

There'd always be one place I would belong.

And You'd accept me as no one before,

Always be there holding open the door

That leads to peace and salvation

While closing off that of all-desolation.

It's been a long road for me

As You've come to clearly see.

But, You knew how to help, and sent me a savior,

The one who caused this altered behavior.

Because now I know that love is real

And You, through him, have taught me to feel

Compassion for another soul

Without caring about the toll

That it takes on myself.

I've finally pulled my heart from the shelf

And given it to another man

Whose made me see as only You can

That life is precious and I should care,

Because one day it might not be there.

And so now, at long, long last

Know that my disbelief has passed,

For as I sit here on this night

I know that what I'm doing is right

As I ask that You bring him back to me

So that I may continue to see

That life is indeed worth living,

And that through endless forgiving

I have found my peace;

A time for my pain to cease.

And as I utter this solemn prayer

I know You are listening; that You care,

And that now when I ask,

It won't seem such a tremendous task

Because my belief shall never more waver,

So I've but to ask a simple favor.

Please bring back the man I love.

Guide him with the stars above

Back to my heart and back home

So that I shan't be alone.

And if it's not so much

Here's another request, as such;

Please, as I lay me down to sleep

I pray that You, my soul, too, keep

So that when he comes back to me

You can keep us both together

Forever and eternally.


Lisa Kantenseter