24 hours, down on the block

Get yer beer, a pack o' cigs, play the lotto.

Get your cash, that's the motto

a bullet, a wool knit mask, load'n your glock,.

Make your way in, find the stash

Gun to his face. "No lip man, give me the cash!"

Grab a donut, slow the pace

it's just a bite, no harm in that. Turn to look.

Shit! Camera got your face.

Give your best smile, some dumb grin, you're on TV

Stop and rob - gotta love it.

Open 24-7 - make a withdrawal.

Grab a beer, shoot some poor twit,

it's all good fun, punk knew the risks, knew what for...

Gotta love that Stop and Rob

Guess what? Saw you on TV, cops at your door...

Next up; Ode to the Big House.