One night, on a dare, I let you in,

You smiled like a fool through the rain.

I took your coat, gave a quiet tour,

Then brought you to the door again.

But you wouldn't go, no you begged me,

Pleaded for freedom to explore.

So I let you loose, with one condition,

That after you'd take me to yours.

"Alright." You smiled and disappeared,

Rummaged through my unkept thoughts.

And when you returned, the smile was gone

(That was the estimated cost.)

"You're're different."

You sighed, "from the person you present."

And I said:

"We're always different people, love,

Then who we play inside our heads."

Another sigh, some inaudible mutter,

And then you led me through the door.

You were neat, complete, so it would seem.

You hung my jacket on a hook.

"Look, don't touch, lest you break...

What I doubt I could fix." you laughed.

But you let me go, with no escort,

And I, I barely looked back.

I poked, I proded, broke and bruised

Every promise that I've made to you

But you told yourself it wasn't true,

You wanted to believe in me, for you.

Behind the shadowed doors and flimsy locks,

You hid yourself from prying eyes.

But I am deft, the clever thief,

Your defenses no match for my devious mind.

There I found you in the corner, afraid,

A shell of the person I thought I knew.

Unsure, unsteady, you were battered, abused,

Oh, look, these things I've done to you.

You took me in, you pulled me close,

I never warned you like I should.

The more I learned, the more I broke,

Simply did it cause I could.

So you said:

"We're always different people, love,

Then who we play inside our heads."

We can't support the truth, you see,

We are the walking dead.