Oh, Brother Of Mine

Author's Note
Okay well basically this story was written because it was something I dreamed a little under a year ago, and it's always bothered me, so I finally wrote it. It'll just be a small tidbit, and perhaps it'll turn into a real story one day. Who knows. Both characters are copyright to me, as I did create them and I also role-play with them. The newspaper story, however, I took off of the New York news, though obviously changed some of the names and such. WARNING This story will have explicit sex. thoughts, and language, male on male action, and is also dealing with incest. If you cannot handle this, don't flame me, simply just leave.

On with the story…

MARION, GEORGIA -- Two highly decorated former detectives were convicted Thursday of moonlighting as hitmen for the mob in one of the most sensational cases of police corruption in Georgia history.

"Ugh, there goes another two of my men. It's too bad, too, you know…"

"Uh, mom, you're going to be late. Hey, ow!"

I looked up to my mother when she'd snatched the newspaper from my hands, rolled it up, and hit me over the head with it. Wasn't anything very harmful, but it wasn't like I was expecting it much. At first I didn't bother returning her glare, watching as she dropped the newspaper carelessly in front of me on the kitchen table.

"Please, Cooper, I'm never late. Now, uhm… your sister is at a friends today and Thaed will be at a meeting until tonight. So it'll just be you and Marshall for a few hours, don't cause any trouble, okay?"

I could feel myself absentmindedly roll my eyes as Zoey leaned in to kiss me on my left temple while holding a hand over my ear, in which I nudged away from like any normal son would have, clearly displaying a grin across my lips.

"Never do."

After I waved my mother off I grabbed the newspaper back into my hands, whipping it straight in one hand I used my other to take a sip from my coffee, continuing to read the story I was fixated on before the disruption.

Federal prosecutor Jonathon Maddox described the case as "the bloodiest, most violent betrayal of the badge this city has ever seen."

"Pfft, he doesn't get around too often, now, does he."

With a collapsing sigh, I dropped the newspaper to the other end of the table and smoothly lifted myself from the chair I'd propped myself on five minutes too long. Finishing my beverage, my head turned as I heard the distinctive clapping of water drops above head. Instantly I knew my half-brother was readying for his shower, but at this time of day? I checked my watch to reassure myself there were still a couple hours before noon was going to bother hitting, and it was far too early for Marshall to even think about getting ready to leave. With one easy single step at a time I made my way up the staircase, a hand sliding up the unscarred rim of chocolate marble, reminding me of a touch I couldn't bare to forget.

Sometimes I knew the things that'd gone through my head were not normal. But who could ever judge me for loving something so deeply? Marshall was born a beautiful boy, far too intriguing to the point where I believed he could never had been related to me. His skin was soft and delicate, almost to a cream color because the boy never walked outside during the day time. It was such a shame he began to mark himself, but I could never punish him for that, as for he was merely just a boy. Soon I would be eighteen, and that boy of fifteen years could no longer be mine. It was a shame he had to be kept my dirty little secret, a shame that I could not hold him throughout an everlasting night after a passionate unfold. It'd been so long since I yearned him last, and now finally I was going to be alone with him again.

The bathroom was a mere two doors down from the top of the staircase, and once I reached it I noticed the lack of ease when turning the knob. He should have known better by now. This house was built so poorly, the locks on these doors were nothing but childish buttons. One could only pray that no one else was eager enough to step through these doors, and that was the only security. Yet even if Marshall had prayed, which I sincerely doubted, the door was opened quietly within seconds after a simple twist of a dime. The steam of the shower that emanated through the glass door hit me with that fresh smell of complicated odor. Marshall failed to notice me as I collected myself enough to take steps toward the shower stall, not acknowledging the clumsily dropped clothes draping the floor. I slid off my socks and tossed them aside, yet keeping the rest of my attire on I opened the gate to my heaven and stepped inside.

I gazed upon the naked beauty from behind as his body doused and dribbled under the heated shower, and although he soon became far from oblivious, I disregarded his obvious attempt to look embarrassed as he turned around with both fury and fear in his eyes and I did nothing but lift a hand to brush back his soaking hair.

"Oh, how I wish Mom wouldn't cut your hair so short."


"Shhh, shh."

I let the casual soothing noise roll off my tongue as I backed his body into the tiled wall behind him, a hand softly pressing over his lips. I took the moment to scan over his perfectly cut face, for once the usual heavily coated make-up washed away and it left his skin fairly toned as it should have been. I loved to see him like this, yet he always seemed to deny my wishes of wanting him to be pure. He looked as though he wanted to struggle, he wanted to run, yet I thought nothing of it as my other hand lifted to his chest.

The hand at his lips gingerly lined his jaw line before caressing it back into his dyed ebony locks. I could feel his heart pounding at my fingertips, and it made me throb and want more. I paid no attention as the water was now mostly falling upon my wife-beater covered chest, and I smiled down to my half-brother, wanting nothing more but to melt into him.

"Tell me you love me."

"Cooper, p-please… not today…"

It was amazing I could hear him under the rasp whispering of his breath, but I knew he wanted it as much as I did, and I wasn't going to stop because he felt ashamed. My fingers dug into his hair and tightened around the locks, and I lowered my head to the shorter boy's own to where it was just enough that I could feel his warm breaths. My other hand took complete control as it reached down to wrap around his cock, and just as soon as I gave it a gentle squeeze I could feel his head pushing back into my upper hand with a whimpering, disgustingly satisfied groan. When I jerked my hand I could feel him bulge in my clutch, and I smirked down at him with an eerie mask.

"N-nn.. stop…"

I could hear Marshall gasp during his hoarse mutters as my hand stroked him tightly, and as I brushed my thumb over the sensitive nerve of his tip his smaller hands grasped around both my wrists. But for the moment I just continued to smile madly at him, my right hand forcefully moving his head forward and more toward my own. I tilted my head down to take a nip at his trembling lips, exotic butterfly kisses following down his chin and jaw. I knew better than to leave any marks, at least anywhere that would be visible, and held back the urge to bite him until I reached the center of his right collarbone, where I branded him unwillingly. His fingertips dug angrily into my wrists, and that was when I pulled my head back. I never needed to restrain Marshall before, and although it didn't seem like it was much of a problem now, just the thought of it made things seem so… interesting. My left hand twisted away from his own as I let go of the grasp around his shaft, my right coiling around the back of his neck to bring him closer as I tilted my forehead down to rest against his matted hair. The sensational odor from before hit me again as I breathed into him, and it kept me preoccupied as my vacant hand quickly unbuckled my half-inch wide belt and slid it from the sockets around my waist.

"Turn around."



Before I could become too aggravated at him, my hands moved to clasp around his upper arms as I pulled my head away, turning him forcefully and pushing him chest first into the wall. I then brought his hands together behind his back and held them firmly in one hand, using the other I wrapped the belt around his wrists and tightly restrained them. I didn't pay heed to the continued pleas of my brother as he continued to ask for this to stop. I turned him back around like he'd been earlier, moving my hands to their original places behind his head and around his cock, this time moving my hips forward to brush his tip over the crotch line of my dark blue jeans. By then we were both completely soaked, and I pushed him back into the wall harder than before so his body to push the knob off. For once I listened to him groan distastefully toward me, and I knew that's when the foreplay had been going on for far too long.

I maneuvered him to be slanting into the corner of the shower stall, then removed my hand from behind his head to undo the rest of my pants. With my other I began to roughly pump his sweaty manhood, and to cover his pitiful whines and moans I smothered my lips against his. Mentally I dared him to come but through removing lips I threatened him not to. Soon my jeans fell on their own, and I released him to use both my hands in removing my wife-beater and boxers. For the first time during the day I lifted my eyes to meet his own, though his were shut tightly as he braced his jaws and gently shook his head. He knew what was to come next, but before I once again took away his innocence I gawked at his precious figure. I didn't want this to end as soon as all the others had. With a single, simple push and the help of a slippery floor, Marshall then fell to the ground while still cornered, and as he began opening his mouth to yell at the sudden impact of pain my fingers clutched his ebony locks once more and shoved his mouth around my throbbing penis.

The warmth and deepness of his breath made my spine shiver as I'd only entered his mouth halfway, and before he could decline I moved out before thrusting myself into his throat. I moaned loudly as he started to choke, holding unto his head one of my hands wrapped around his lower jaw and shoved his lips to seal around my figure, then I thrust again.

"Use your tongue, you little fuck!"

I couldn't hear as Marshall began to sob, and with his already showered features it didn't easily stand out. My forehead was placed against the cold tile of the wall as I felt myself knot up in his itchy mouth. Without any warning, I came down his throat, which made him cough uncontrollably as I pulled my hips away. Gently I lifted him back into a stand, his head was hung and he looked as if he wanted to hurl, but with a soft lift of his chin with my fingers I smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry, Marshall."

Before he could make much noise, I cover his lips with my own and insert my tongue in search for his. At first he protests and leans his head back into the wall in attempt to break away from me, but he fails as I play around in his mouth and lower my fingers to massage his jewels. One of my arms affectionately wrap around his mid back, and before I can find the time to dry my cock I wrap both my arms around his lower back to lift him, hands curling under his thighs so his legs are forced to be around me. I held him against the wall and used a hand to place myself in the right position, then I allowed him to drop over me. First he screamed into my mouth, bounded hands trying to grab at something, anything, to help him out of this situation. But I had him trapped, and this beauty was all mine alone, and it was exactly how I liked it. I felt no remorse as I smirked and bit down on his bottom lip, not minding as his sobs became heavier when I pumped my hips roughly against him. He'd been disturbingly tight, more so than I ever realized before, and I felt as if I were ripping him apart as my saliva-dripped penis slowly became dressed in blood.

"Cooper! S-stop… pleasestop…"

My thrusts came quicker as I lowered my forehead to his shoulder, easily keeping him up and being able to work as I ached in pain. I knew I was going to explode soon, and I would be damned if I were going to do it alone. My arm remained stable around his lower back as for the third or fourth time that morning my hand pumped at his organ. Marshall screamed again, and I knew by now he was completely numb from feeling so much. He was mine to torture. And I made sure of that when I began biting at his throat.

"Oh, God, Marshall… I'm… gonna…"

The whimpering of my younger brother were enough to send me into a complete withdrawal of pleasure as I finally reached my climax, my hand covered in his goo already I released myself within him. My chest heaved as he gritted his teeth and cried out, cried out to be set free from his grasp, but for him it'd already been too late. At my relief, I slowly let him down, not at all exiting him I pulled his warm, worn out body against mine and wrapped my arms around him. I undid the belt from his reddening, bruised wrists, but he did not attempt to fight me off any longer. Now, simply, I made us face sideways to the faucet and turned on the shower, letting it wash us down as I ran my fingers through his soft, damp hair. This was my prince. And I held my prince in my arms until he fell asleep from exhaustion. I released myself from within him and turned off the water, grabbed a towel and dried him off. With us both bare I lifted his small physique into the cradle of my arms and carried him to his temple, where I wrapped him in a blanket and placed him in bed. Oh yes, this was my prince, indeed.

It was such a shame one day this prince would be a king.