i just want to warn you of the things ahead, what they're like and who they'll stick upon you
for instance -

they told me to compromise with my mind and i laughed out loud(not like you're supposed to do it in your head or something)
it's not often that one is told to dance around screaming obsceneties by a figure of authority
but then again, i'm not sure they knew just what they had said
so i spelled it out for them; C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-E
Controlling Objects, Missing Points, Rinsing Onions, Mincing Insects and Separating Entities
(or that's what I came up with, anyway)
and then I told them that like the word, I had made a comPromise
- though what a "com" is I have no idea -
to them that i wouldn't kill nobody and you'd think that that would satisfy them
but like everybody else they would always want more
but don't think i'm gonna tell you what they wanted
(it's a secret, you dolt)
because you never know which walls are listening
and which people are missing while they stake out behind your bedroom door

and on a different note – was this supposed to be a formal letter?
(you can ignore that, I swear it's not important)
i'm supposed to tell you that today is the day you face your soul
yes, the one that went crazy before you were done forming in your mother's womb
but don't be scared because we all have to do it someday
and as they say: "there's no day like today" (that's not the reason it's happening today)
and to this day we're making it yours because somebody let it slip
(i'll tell you who later)
that you're special – not that we believed them, it's just a matter of courtesy
so suck it up and get on stage, it's time to make your speech
about sealing wax and dragon wings and other severely inane things
and don't forget to hold her hand and squeeze it tight
this may be the last time you see her without feelings galore rising
what else, dear boy, is a soul for?

and to end this sordid little note, i'd like to say
i'm proud of you for comPromising that you'll make it through
for making me laugh at your silly jokes and reminding me to take my medication
and as i seal it in my heart i'm letting you know
(though methinks you already are aware)
that through all my petty words i loved you most as a mother can only love her son
and that yes, i finally made that comPromise that everything would be all right in the end