Today was the 4th homicide of 2006

1,2,3,4 scratched off the list

A war is on its way

all those who made people

suffer will have to pay

If I could I do away with gangs

bring back all those raped and slained

A fight broke out and a man was shot

in front of his little brother no less

those faggots who did it

could have showed a little respect

what goes through there minds

leave it to guys

to let the testosterone hit them

give them a little high

enough to kill someone and watch them die

today this morning a man was killed

pinned against his truck

by some gang members those stupid fucks

they dont even hang around I mean

your man enough to do the crime

why not wait around and do the time

Why even bother those kids will never grow up

all they can do is give up

on life they wont even think twice

they tell you

pull harder on the strings master

watch the bomb blow up in there face

its there disaster

They will be found sentenced or killed

by the friends the family of the ones they did in

fuck it I cant even pretend

that this world is safe anymore.......