"My life is finally fleeting," came the words upon the day

Sadistic blokes and sordid folks licked lips at her display.

"Shall fire burn that which we yearn for disunion to evade,

or shall we repent our moments spent entwining in the woodland shade?"

It's very true that sacred blue leaves tracks within the swollen skies

The deepest trace falling into place along her lover's saddened eyes

And to the nights when devilish delights ring disastrous costs, to be precise,

Let all who run pay cost to none if life is worth a cheated price.

With slender fingers he touched her cheek and whispered, fervently, "Let us know,

That even angels with no wings engrave them in the virgin snow.

To think a flame could be so bright as to simply blind our love tonight

Would differ not of predictions sought from oracles lacking second sight."

As he trembled, begging, "Please! -" His sorrows brought him to his knees –

"I'll lay me bare to endure her share, and smolder in thy cant disease!"

Though brave his plea may prove to be, a swallow lost to raging sea

The crowds knew no diplomacy, and to the stake his wife did seize.

"No!" He staggered, voice grown haggard from shrieking supplicates through the dark

Yet still they tethered that tried and fettered witch upon the moonlit bark.

As torches waved and tinder paved the mounds beneath her naked feet,

He ascended ground, his arms wrapped 'round the condemned and lurid mistress sweet.

"Wouldst thou proclaim to kill the same as witch as they doth child of Eve?

If so tonight, set the pyre alight, and pray that hell thy God reprieve!"

Yet words were no cure for the malicious succor of self-righteous paths, he saw at last

So he placed a warm kiss as a doch-an-dorris, the last act of love in a terrible past.

The purple moor shone like a rubicelle stone with wisps of time, misjudged as divine

Scattering and spreading like old linen bedding as two lives were lost in a reverent crime.

For it was then she breathed the last he'd receive from soft pressed lips, so swollen and red,

"Though my time is ending and fate soon impending, thy plan should be intending to escape from the dead."

He did not concur with this hokum and lure, nor the words cast from this pale, trembling lass,

"I've pledged thee my heart from the very start, a vow even death can not hope to surpass."

So he withstood as flame caught fast to the dame, with a twist to kiss her courter's frame,

holding her tight as to ease her fright, perishing from a love impervious to pain.

For the people proclaimed to kill the same as witch as they doth child of Eve,

And so that night, set the pyre alight, and pray thy lord that hell reprieve

Yet on that expanse of tone marked pale in twilight's trademark ashen portrayal

The two now dance in a peripheral glance, their ghost-lit screams to tell the tale.