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Wolfblood – Prelude: Final Journey Before Home

The mountain yeti gave its last roar as an arrow of pure light exploded right into its skull. It teetered for a while, then, fell down hard onto the ground. Its remaining three companions stared hard at the killer, an elven warrior holding a bow and mounted on a wolf. He was handsome to say the least, given that he was an elf, with long blonde hair tied at neck level. He was dressed in forest green with leather boots, brown cloak and an elven sword belted at his waist. The elven warrior looked back at the three yetis. They were of giant size, coated in brown shaggy fur and with ape like faces with fangs and all. Mountain yetis were a bunch of aggressive carnivores. Whatever they set their sights on, they were sure to attack without hesitation. That was exactly why merchants always employed caravan guards whenever they traveled. It wasn't just the yetis of course. Other dangers like orcs, bandits and goblins were part and parcel of traveling. Unless one was an adventurer, it would be suicidal to travel without any form of protection.

The nearest yeti soon lost its calm and it rushed forward, sending it's crudely made club smashing down onto the elf. He was prepared for it however and his wolf mount, seemingly knew what its master was thinking, evaded the blow and started into a fast run which took it and the rider right behind it. Without a single hesitation, the elf pulled the bowstring and an arrow of light appeared. He released the missile and the projectile hit the monster squarely onto the back of the head. The arrow exploded upon impact and the yeti was dead before it hit the ground.

The second one took a smarter alternative. As the wolf rider started towards it, it took a huge nearby rock and tossed it towards him. The elven warrior smiled, for he had seen it coming. Urging his mount, the wolf sped up its run; just enough for it to get within the course of the flying rock. Under normal circumstances, the rock would have crushed both rider and mount, but the mount was no ordinary wolf. It knew what the rider was thinking, for it shared a telepathic bond with him. In fact, if a wolf could smile, it would be smiling now.

With a swift sudden movement, the rider jumped to the right out of harm's way. The wolf jumped away as well, only in the opposite direction. The yeti, on seeing what had happened, was totally confused as to which target to attack first. It didn't have to worry though. With breathtaking speed, the elf slung back his bow and drew his sword. With a single burst of speed, the elf reached within striking distance. With a single slash, an arc of lightning flashed before the blade, severing the monster's leg tendon and numbing its entire body. Then as it fell, the wolf, which by that time had circled around the beast performed a mighty leap, closed its jaws around its neck vertebrae. A sudden flick with its jaws, coupled with an increasing pressure, did the job as a sickening crunch echoed through the mountain and the monster flopped onto the ground, dead.

It wasn't over, however as the last yeti has ran off in an attempt to alert any of its own kind nearby. The elf, however, had run off in pursuit. The yeti scanned its eyes around the surroundings, looking for any of its own kind so as to stage a retaliation. At the same time, fear of the elven warrior struck its heart. Throughout its life, only it had inspired fear onto its potential prey, not the other way round. This time though, the tables are turned. The monster couldn't put its finger to it, but definitely, there was something in its opponent that struck fear in its heart.

Then a rustle from the nearby bushes alerted the yeti. It turned around, expecting the elf, but in the end, it was just a raccoon that jumped out of the bushes. Slightly relieved, the yeti thought itself stupid for scaring itself just like that. But then again, it was the nature of mountain yetis to be stupid. Then it all happened… the lone elf appearing from behind, catching up with his quarry, sword in hand. With a single thrust, a burst of lightning enveloped his sword and assaulted the monster. His victim had no forms or means to defend. It couldn't ward off the attack and definitely, it couldn't fight its imminent fate. The attack left it into a state of dispersed ashes. Nothing was left. Not even a single charred part of its body. The hunt was over and the elf returned back to the place where he first encountered the yetis.


A handful of caravan guards soon reached the spot where the wolf was flopping down on its belly in a relaxed manner, waiting for its master to return. The guards however, hesitated in approaching it. They have seen it in countless battles with monsters and no sane man would ever approach a beast like that.

"Eh, Eddie, maybe you should approach the doggie. You're the one who talked the most with Reyn, so it might recognize you. Maybe it could give some indications of where Reyn is right now…" said a guard to his companion nervously.

"Me? Approaching Reyn's pet? No chance in hell there! I may be his talking buddy, but I don't think Reyn's doggie will listen to what I say… not to mention the fact that it always disappeared whenever after the job's done when Reyn told it to." replied Eddie in the same tone.

The wolf then looked back at the guards, seemingly aware that they were talking about it. The guards shrank back in fear. The wolf, however, just turned its head back, gave a yawn and returned to its relaxed state.

"Err, do you think this is an indication that the doggie doesn't mind us approaching? Or is it an indication that it somehow knows that Reyn will make it back safe and sound?" asked Eddie.

"How would I know? You idiot!" said one of Eddie's companions as he smacked him across the head.

"Well, I thought you guys had gone off ahead of me!" called out a voice. The caravan guards turned to the direction of the voice and saw the elven warrior. The wolf, on seeing its master return, ran towards him and pounced on him in a playful manner.

"Ok, chill, Vyjarn, chill boy…" smile the elf as he ruffled the wolf's furry head.

"Well, high time you should be back. The rest are worried about you" said Vyjarn in a telepathic manner.

"Hey, you know?"

"Yeah, I heard what those gooners said. Doggie indeed! Maybe they should spend a week or two with a wolf pack. In that way, they will most probably know the difference between a doggie and a full blooded wolf!" said Vyjarn in an offended tone.

"Ok, I get it. Maybe you should go back now. Just be here when I call you to…"

"You're an ass to say that. Of course I will!"

"Well, just saying this for the sake of saying…"

Then Vyjarn disappeared in a flash of white light. The guards then approached him.

"Eh, you okay there, Reyn?" asked Eddie.

"Yeah, Ed. Of course I am," said Reyn.

"So, what about the yetis?" asked another caravan guard.

"All taken care of. Where's the caravan by the way?"

"Stopped a few miles from there. The boss got worried about what could happen to you back there. So he sent a handful of us to check things out."

"He really cared for those under him, huh?"

"Boss is always like that. Be it permanent jobs or temporary ones like us, he always looks after those under him. He's not known as 'Wailis the Kind' in the world of the rich for nothing."

"Well, he's really a charismatic and charitable guy from what I've heard. Guess the words are true after all. Looking after those under him and the poor really does earn a rich guy some charismatic points, huh?"

"You bet. That's why whenever he wants to conducts business in other places everybody just seems to mobbed him around, wanting a part in any caravan job available…"

"Well, I guess the talk can be saved for later. Let's just go back… we don't want to risk any possible attack on the caravan while we got ourselves stuck here, do we?" said Reyn


"Well, I'm glad that you've made it back safe and sound, Reyn. Taking care of four mountain yetis in a shot is a feat beyond anyone of us here!" said a portly man dressed in fine clothes as he raised a cup in toast of the elven warrior. The rest follow suit as they downed their drinks.

"Well, it's not that hard anyway as long as you've got your plans in check. Rather, I should thank you for giving me a chance to be one of your escorts, Mr. Wailis." replied Reyn.

"I should be the one thanking you!" smiled Wailis, "Never would I believe I've got such a warrior like you within the ranks of my caravan guards!"

"Thank that on your testimony as a charitable man. You're a rare breed amongst your kind. Money, to me, is just secondary when it comes to choosing a job, be it temporary or permanent for anybody. What matters is how and where your integrity will stand. I have other means of earning bigger bucks, be it searching for adventure and treasures or even a simple bounty hunter job, but when it all boils down, it's all a matter of my own beliefs of what I do and what I don't…"

"You're indeed one symbolizing the elven race. Just a question: how old are you now?"

"This year marks my hundred and twentieth."

"That's pretty old although I've heard that the elves are immortal in terms of lifespan …"

"Not so by my race's standards. That's a rather young age to them. For me, I've been adventuring for twenty years now…"

"Twenty years, that's a long time. Anyway, our destination is near. What would you do after this job's over?"

"I guess I'll continue to wander for a while. Maybe a month or so before I go back home. I believe that my people will be glad that I've finally returned."

"Are you sure they'll remember you?"

"Elves have a totally different concept on time compared to other races, so don't you worry."

Well, if that's the case, then I have nothing to say…" with that, Wailis continued to dine and wine with his folks. Reyn didn't have such a luxury though; at least where wine was concerned. He still had the part of keeping the watch.

Twenty years… twenty years since I've left. Wonder how much has changed over there… at my home…


Ok, so here's the first chapter, or rather, the prelude. Actually, I got the idea from a Magic: The Gathering site when I decided to search the cards data base for fun. Those who are familiar with the game will know what I'm talking about since I believe you guys had went to the site before. For those with a question mark on their heads, I'll say it's a card game which is definitely loads of fun. Ok, at least that's the case during my secondary school days playing it. I've stopped, however, since I found out pretty much early that assembling a proper deck can really kill my finances. Due to this reason, I sort of fall behind on the cards, even quit playing since I don't find any point in playing when I can't even upgrade my deck. On a side note, my deck had been given to some friend of mine. Not that it matters anyway. Ok, I know what Magic fans have to say when they read this, but trust me the inspiration will show in the future. Hopefully since although I had the characters and some geographical areas planned from the inspirations, I really don't know where this will go. Anyway, just click the button below and review guys! I know you all want to! XD