The Dark And The Light

by, Cassandra

The Dark

In winters heat, and summers chill
This has never seemed more upside down
I bleed my tears through eyes shut tight
Wish for some heavenly ray of light
But the darkness builds, singing it's sad song
Twisting the words of my sweet lullaby
It dances in glee, careless and free
Tempting my soul with its laughter of ease
Making me wish for thing out of reach
It pulls and it shoves, impatiently lingers
Trying to shake my degenerating resolve
Screaming and taunting, entwining the lies
Feeding my mind with the most distressing of tales
Sowing and growing the seeds in my brain
Waiting for the progression of hatred to expose
The parts of me I've buried so deep...

The Light

Out of darkness grasp it so relieves
The painful clutch of this rampant disease
Opens my eyes to the life I'd forsaken
Rids my mind of the lies I had spoken
Sheds the light on the path that was taken
Guides me to the one I was needing
Soothes the wound I'd so inflicted
Sitting in the dark, my world I'd abandoned
Gives me the breath I'd desperately been seeking
It whispers gently through my tears
Telling me every word I've needed to heart
Showing me where I've gone so wrong
And raises me back up to where I belong
Shows me the love all around me
The people who really do need me
And lights up my tear-filled eyes once again