Dilapidated retina
The pen comes near
To keep the color

Even though
Her lips are bruises
She cuts them open
To keep them a
Sexy blood red

Claims the moss
Growing in her hair
Is the latest style
Across seas
Green dread locks
Are all the rage

Her skinny legs
Covered in scabs
The insects love her
For she allows them
Free roam whenever
They want

Sore knee caps
As men face her down
To steal away her love
Massage the tenderness
Her heart
Out of her butt

Black and blue
Around her eye
Is, of course,
From lack of sleep
What enemies could
This woman of love
Of passion
Possibly have?

She carves into her stomach
To eventually
With time
Make a purple tattoo
It's a special kind
With texture

A snow-tipped nose
All giggled red
Leaves her in her childhood
If only in her mind
As she remembers
The way Daddy loved her
That special way
When she could still feel

No other man can compare
To the way Daddy moved
And the way he caused
Pain and tenderness
Fear, love, and loathing
All with a hush of air

She has to love everyone
The only way she knows how
Flat on her back
Her breasts full of helium
Ready to float her away
To a sky that
Rolls angrily

She romps through
Her own shit
She thinks its cat-litter
Her giant sandbox
That sunny day
Daddy got that glint

Fingers traced around
Stick pin arms
To lay her down
For some more games
A stranger who touches
But Daddy, moss and litter boxes
Are all her mind can see