Despite What They Think

I do not

Spent my Sunday mornings

In bed,

Drinking tea

And watching French films

While contemplating

The meaning of life.

Despite what

They think

I do not read

The Communist Manifesto,

The Economist

Or watch BBC News.

To be quite honest,

I spent Sunday mornings

(And some afternoons)


I do not like

Tea or foreign films,

With the exception of


And the occasional

Action flick.

And I most certainly

Do not

Think about

The meaning of life.

I am more interested

In books and assorted

Stray thoughts

About school clubs

And movies.

I have no interest

In politics, the economy, philosophy,

Or whatever you believe

Communism is.

I cannot even

Watch the local news

For more than

Ten minutes

Without getting bored.

Nonfiction makes me


So I avoid it

If I can.

I am not

The person

They think

I am.