Sean JohnsonDecember 11-13th 2004

Period 1Lord of the Flies Paper

12:00 P.M. Sunday

"All rise for the honorable Judge Morgan." The sound of seats being shoved about and feet clamoring rang throughout the courtroom, as a very distinguished-looking man wearing a black robe entered the room from back. Taking his seat in the center of the room, against the wall, the rest of the room sat down as well. Judge Morgan nodded and raised a hand towards the table to his right, and the man sitting there immediately stood up and spoke, "I am defense lawyer Sean Fury, and I am here to defend the accused Jack Merridew; who is on trial here today, for first-degree murder of Simon Divine and murder in the third degree of a boy known only as Piggy." A few chuckles echoed throughout the room, but Judge Morgan shot them harsh glances and was silenced immediately. Sean coughed and continued, "I have three sets of physical evidence, and plan to call three witnesses to the stand." The Judge nodded his head and Sean sat down, today was going to a long, long day, and he sighed.

12:05 P.M. Sunday

The room was suddenly alert with chatter as the doors swung open, and a boy, no older than thirteen was followed in by a naval officer. The red-haired, freckled teen sat next to Sean and exchanged glances before grimacing to the heart-pounding slams of the Judge's gavel. "Normally, we would have the Prosecution present first, but since Mr. Fury has been so gracious as to travel all the way from the United States to be here, I feel that is only right that we allow him to present first. In addition, if any breaks are required by either the Prosecution or the Defense, a twenty-minute interval will be allowed. If there are no further questions, Mr. Fury, you may begin." Judge Morgan finished his speech and raised a hand towards Sean, signaling for him to stand. Taking a deep breath, Sean slowly began to rise.

12:09 P.M. Sunday

"If the Judge will allow, I'd like the call my first witness to the stand now." After a semi-dramatic pose, Sean pointed towards the side door of the courtroom, "Roger Berave." As with the red-haired boy named Jack Merridew, the doors swung open, and a naval officer trailed behind him and escorted the disgruntled-looking child to the stand. All three witnesses Sean had planned to call to the stands had already taken their oaths, so that everything would run more smoothly, but he didn't figured he would need all three; being the prominent defense attorney he was. Sean stood up, and made his way around the table and leaned against it, giving Jack and Roger a moment to glare at one another. "Roger, forgive me for getting straight to the point..." Sean said slowly, taking a breath, "But is it true that you were present for the death of Simon and Piggy?"

12:16 P.M. Sunday

The courtroom was dead with silence, quite ironic a phrase for the situation Roger was in. Roger was silent for a moment, then spoke, in a voice so sullenly mysterious, you'd have thought he was an adult, "Yes." Sean nodded his head, and went on, "Was Jack," Sean stopped and looked at Jack before turning around, "Was he present as well?" Roger was silent like before, trying to avoid eye contact with Jack, who refused to stop glaring at him, and finally spoke once more, "Yes, he was." Sean stood up and walked over to Roger, leaning against the stand now, "I know this may be hard, or it may not be, but for the well-being of this case, I would like you to tell us, the court, in your own words...the tale the two tragic deaths." Sean turned to the court, "If anyone has a weak stomach, they best leave for a few moments." He said with a devilish look in his face, shadows creeping around the corners of his brow.

12:21 P.M. Sunday

Roger looked down, as if trying to contemplate his thoughts, almost like he didn't remember; but he did and Jack knew it, and Jack knew exactly what he was about to try. Sean sat back down next to Jack, who instantly leaned over and whispered, "He will lie." And Sean merely nodded, almost as if had known all along. "After the separation of Jack and Ralph's tribe, there was a party with Jack's tribe and obviously, I was there. The party got too..." He struggled for the right terms, "Out of control, and Simon wondered out, and some young boy yelled he was the beast, and we all attacked him, without knowing otherwise. It was an obvious accident...I mean, anyone could have done it." Sean looked at Jack, but Jack said not a word, but motioned with his lips, n-o-t-y-e-t, and he nodded. Roger took a deep breath, his heart was beginning to quicken, and Sean could see it in his eyes, the perspiration running down the side of his head as he opened his mouth to a bold-faced lie.

12:28 P.M. Sunday

"I was atop Castle Rock, behind one of our boulder traps, and that's when Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric showed up. Something happened, I don't know what, and Jack yelled to me...he told me to pull the lever. Of course, I thought we were in some kind of danger, so I pulled it, and the boulder tumbled down and killed Piggy." Roger's breathing was labored, as if he had just finished a long run, he was tired, his lies wore on him like fifteen winters, and everyone in the room could tell. Roger stepped down, and was escorted out, and Sean stood up once more. "Your honor, if I may, I would like a short recess to gather my thoughts for the next witness." Judge Morgan nodded his head, "Alright, twenty minute break, everyone is to be back here by then, not a second later." And the gavel fell.

12:33 P.M. Sunday

The men's room smelled like a sewer. "What the Hell are you doing to me!?" Jack screamed at Sean, "Jack, Jack, Jack, keep your voice down."

"How can I keep my voice down?! I'm supposed to be on trial with my defense attorney, but all he can do is present retards who'll lie to the court and send me to jail!"

"Jack, I sent Roger up there for a reason. I figure, kill two birds with one stone; I'll save you with my next witness, and no one trusts Roger right now anyway, so my third witness will knock off Roger for good."

Jack walked around with his hands on his head for a minute, then stopped and nodded in agreement, "That kid is a blood psycho, eh?" Sean chuckled, and ruffled Jack's hair, and they headed out, "I'll be in, in a flash, I just need a drink." Jack said as Sean entered back into the courtroom.

12:50 P.M. Sunday

"Your honor, I am ready to call my second witness." Sean declared, and Judge Morgan nodded. However, no officer escorted this young boy into the room, and he seemed to know his way around and immediately took his seat on the stand. Apparently knowing the routine, he began to speak, "My name is Robert Webster, and I was present for both the death of Simon and Piggy. Simon was the most unfortunate, dying by our hands, but it was as Roger stated, and we had no recollection of it being Simon until after the fact of him being dead already. However, what he said about Piggy was a blatant lie." Sean suddenly interrupted, "And how are you so sure, Robert?" The brilliant young boy grinned and continued, "I saw Jack, I saw Roger, I heard Jack, and aside from his yells at Ralph, Jack said nothing to anyone during their scuffle. Roger acted of his own will to kill Piggy, his own hatred, his own sick game, what have you; the fact of the matter is, Jack was not responsible for the death of Piggy."

12:56 P.M. Sunday

The courtroom was alive with ranting and prattle from Robert's testimonial, until the gavel began to ring like Zeus's hammer on a lightning bolt, pummeling everyone's brains into the back of their skull, "ORDER! ORDER!" The courtroom grew silent, and Judge Morgan sighed with relief. Sean held back a chuckled and high-fived Jack beneath the table, silently grinning to each other in their heads. With a sigh, Robert stepped down from the stands and headed toward the door, smiling at Sean as he passed by; however, as he neared the door, they swung open and Robert dove off to the side. As Robert looked up from the floor, he watched in stillness as five naval officers rushed by and surrounded Jack and Sean, "Jack Merridew, you are under arrest for the murder of Matthew Hyper."

1:01 P.M. Sunday

"That is ridiculous, Jack has been in this courtroom, or with me the entire time!" Sean suddenly blurted out, causing the officers to hesitate. The apparent high-ranking officer stepped forward, "We found Jack's dagger in the victim's body, and we also received information from a boy named Roger, who said he saw Jack alone between the time of twelve thirty-one and twelve forty. " Sean took a moment to gather his thoughts, and then, it all came to him, "Get Roger, now!" He screamed, and an officer ran off to find him, overcome by the sound of intensity in Sean's voice, "Jack didn't kill him you fool, Roger did! It may have been Jack's blade, but that doesn't mean someone else had not wielded it. And another thing, Jack was with me in the men's restroom discussing our case between twelve thirty-one and twelve forty; afterwards he stopped outside the courtroom doors and got a drink from the soda machine." Sean reached down and snatched Jack's Pepsi from his hand, and the dead silence settled once more.

12:10 P.M. Monday

"After reviewing all of the evidence, testimonials, new evidence, and encounters with this Roger...may God take his soul...I find the defendant, innocent on the charge of third-degree murder of Piggy, however, for the murder of Simon, Jack Merridew will commit to a full 100 hours of community service. I declare this case closed." And the gavel slammed down, for the last time. The courtroom buzzed with excitement, many were happy of Jack's freedom, but still, there were those who were opposed to it, but nonetheless, all were still in rather bright moods. Sean headed out of the courtroom, Jack trailing at heel, heading in the direction of the cafeteria.

12:20 P.M. Sunday

"It was a shame Roger had to go and kill himself like that." Sean mentioned to Jack, over chewing his cheese sandwhich.

"Good riddance, though I really would of rather had him in jail...soap, ya know?" Jack replied, chuckling to himself.

"Yeah," Sean answered in a half grin, "But you can't help but wonder what he had against you."

"I really could care less now, the past is past, and that island is just a memory now. And one I would like to forget. Now, if you don't mind, I must be off...there's a phone call to a certain woman I need to make." Sean smiled and shook his head as Jack walked off, but his path was suddenly blindsided as a blond-haired boy stepped in front of him. Tension ran through Jack, but the boy merely extended his hand outwards, and instinctively Jack did the same...shaking hands with his rival, for probably the last time he realized, as he pulled his hand back; because it was covered in blood.